Even though the show has been wrapped up, Game of Thrones sets and film locations are still very popular among tourists and fans of the GoT universe. It’s well-known that the show happens to be shot at some of the most beautiful and mesmerizing places all across the globe, with Dubrovnik, Iceland and Belfast being among the top locations. In this article, we will focus on the latter destination and take a look at some of the most popular Game of Thrones film locations in Belfast.

Game of Thrones Northern Ireland

Exciting Entertainment Belfast Has to Offer

Belfast is the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland. It is also the country’s centre for arts, education and entertainment. With several large arenas, the city often hosts big musicians and bands from all over the world. The booming nightlife in Belfast offers a rich tapestry of nightclubs, restaurants and casinos. Besides the rich choice of land-based casinos, the entire region is also home to a number of popular PayPal casinos in the UK. In the last few years, the city’s entertainment scene has been enriched with attractive locations from one of the most iconic shows in the history of television – Game of Thrones.

How Game of Thrones Helped Boost Northern Ireland’s Tourism

Northern Ireland and Belfast itself have always been a fairly popular tourist destination, especially for tourists from the US. But, since 2011, the biggest boost to Belfast’s tourism has been single handedly created by Game of Thrones. This hugely popular fantasy drama series has brought a massive economic benefit to Belfast and the entire country. This direct benefit has come from the show itself, but also through local wages, hotels, services and tourism organisations who have all flourished since the show started.

So why did HBO choose Belfast and Northern Ireland? The main reasons why the company decided on filming in Northern Ireland were the relatively small size of the country and the beautiful backdrops and sceneries that are located very close to one another.

Can Fans Visit the Game of Thrones Film Set in Belfast?

In 2018, HBO announced that it will be turning all of its film locations in Belfast into tourist attractions once the 8th and final season airs. Now that the final season has concluded, diehard fans can visit some of the show’s iconic locations and experience the gruelling atmosphere of Game of Thrones in real life. What’s even more exciting in all of this is the fact that HBO has also hinted that Belfast might just be the starting point of the Game of Thrones Legacy project, which will encompass additional attractions and locations.

Top Game of Thrones Film Locations in Belfast

Just in Belfast alone, fans of the show can book tourist tours and explore over 20 popular Game of Thrones filming locations. Besides this, there are also exhibitions, exclusive escape room destinations and GoT direwolf tours. Here are just some of the biggest hotspots that can be found near Belfast:


Just 40 minutes outside of Belfast lies probably the most emblematic Game of Thrones filming location. The Old Castle Ward location was the setting of many memorable moments and was extensively used in all eight seasons of the show as Winterfell Castle. Fans and tourists who want to take a walk around Winterfell castle can explore a wide variety of sites, such as the Winterfell Archery Range, The Winterfell Castle Tower from which Bran fell and take cycle tours, try their skills at archery or axe throwing.

Whispering Wood

Whispering Wood and the area surrounding it have seen some of the most important scenes in the first three seasons of the show. Whispering Wood was the site of one of the biggest early battles during the War of the Five Kings. There, tourists can visit locations like Robb Stark’s camp, the Lannister Camp and the tree where Robb Stark and Talisa got secretly married.

Castle Black

While this Game of Thrones filming location isn’t located in Belfast like the above-mentioned ones, the recognizable Castle Black fortress is actually a quarry located in Magheramorne, a small town just a short ride away from Belfast. Just as there are tours to all of the film locations in Belfast, fans of the show can also book tourist trips to the most important castle on The Wall.

It’s not yet clear where or what the other Game of Thrones locations will be. There are many other film sets located all throughout Europe, but none more popular than the one in Dubrovnik, Croatia. One thing is sure, Game of Thrones fans are spoiled for choice and can look forward to new attractions and tourist locations even well after the show has finish

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