Fur coat made entirely from male chest hair! #hairychest

male hair coat

Last week we had hairy legs, now we’ve coats made of human male chest hair!!!

They say fur is murder, but this fur coat is a crime against fashion of another kind.

This limited edition coat is made entirely of male chest hair.

It took designers up to 200 hours to weave together up to a million strands of hair.

Dairy firm Arla commissioned the coat to coincide with the launch of a new milk drink, Wing-co, aimed at men.

Despite promotional material featuring a model with a clean-shaven chest, the company said the coat represents a protest against the ‘manning-down’ of British men, particularly via emasculating fashion.

hair chest coat

The coat can be yours for just £2,499.

chest hair

Last week we revealed how Chinese women had apparently taken to wearing hairy stockings to deflect unwanted male attention.



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