While regular visitors to our site will know that we love everything that Belfast has to offer, we are particularly fans of the city’s fantastic nightlife.

There is so much to enjoy and do on a night out in the area, as it boasts everything from impressive cocktail bars to incredible clubs, plus the old-school vibes of traditional pubs.

However, what does the city offer if you want to start your night out with friends in a different way? Here we serve up a few ideas on activities which could bring some excitement and more than a fair few laughs to your evening on the town.

1. Escape rooms

The escape room trend has become massive in recent years, and that is simply because they are a huge amount of fun. Belfast is home to several different venues that offer these rooms, with Timescape notably featuring experiences inspired by the Titanic and even Jack the Ripper. So, get your brainiest mates together and begin your night by tackling some tough mental challenges.

2. Gaming machines

There has been a surge in interest in casino-style gaming and slots in recent years, with much of that being related to the rise of online services. So many different experiences are available at the touch of a button, with sites like SkyCity live casino, for example, even allowing people to play games hosted by real dealers via a video link. If you want to enjoy similar forms of gaming during your night out, why not try an Oasis Gaming Centre? The sites feature a range of machines and also offer refreshments and promotions too.

3. Bowling

We’re yet to meet anyone who doesn’t enjoy a good game of ten pin bowling. Not only is it always entertaining, but it also gives you a great chance to earn some bragging rights which you can happily remind people of as the evening continues. After all, what’s the point in winning if you can’t talk about it endlessly afterwards? There are several options for playing the game in Belfast, with Odyssey Bowl offering air hockey, pool tables, and much more alongside its lanes.

4. Arcade bar

If video games are more your kind of thing, finding an arcade bar could be a great idea. Cuckoo in Belfast is a great example of such a venue, with the bar featuring retro and arcade games including Mario Kart, Terminator, and Donkey Kong. The availability of ping pong, air hockey, and pool also means there is more than enough available to satisfy your competitive side and have hours of good-natured fun.

A great way to kick things off

A night out in Belfast is always an opportunity for a good laugh, and starting your night with a few games is a great way to kick things off. We hope that the suggestions we have provided have given you some food for thought on how to do something a little different on your next evening out – and that you have plenty of fun along the way!

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