Ever been refused entry to a nightclub or bar with no reason? #Belfast


LoveBelfast was created to promote what’s good about this city. I was not born in this country but I have made it my home in the last 5 years since moving from Lithuania. I have always supported the city with positivity (#Takebackthecity)  but unfortunately I recently experienced discrimination based on my looks or accent at a venue in Belfast and was refused entry, with no reason given.

I don’t understand how bouncers are able to refuse people entry based on nothing more than appearance. Surely if how you look or talk is the only thing they know about you refusing entry is lookism, sexism and/or racism. I’m surprised at the general acceptance of this practice in Belfast. 

When patrons of certain racial backgrounds are refused entry into nightclubs, pubs and bars it is offensive and distressing to the individuals concerned. It also damages the reputation of the entertainment and hospitality industries….. Sad and disappointed.

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  1. Whilst getting turned away from a night club/pub can be unpleasant, I’d try not to let it get to you too much. It happens to everyone, regardless of who you are.

    Surely though, it’s totally within the bouncers right to choose who they let in and who they don’t? What other way have they of determining what type of person you are, other than your appearance? They don’t know you, so of course they’re going to base it on that. In the 10 seconds they have to size you up, they’re hardly going to be able to make an accurate character assessment, so it comes down to what you look like, how sober you are, your gender, size of group e.t.c.

    How do you know they were discriminating against you based on your accent? Did they specifically say “no Lithuanians”?

  2. I haven’t experienced it personally – I’m a white, blonde, twenty-something girl who isn’t overweight or particularly unattractive, so I don’t even fear having this experience. However, I have seen it happen to other people. I have seen tourists, disabled people, openly LGBT people, overweight girls and overtly-muscular guys being turned away from nightclubs and pubs for no reason. It’s horrible and despicable.

    If this experience happened to me just once, it would shake my confidence in going out. I would fear that I would be the reason my group of friends didn’t get into a nightclub and that I would ruin everyone’s night. This would be understandable if I was horrendously drunk/offensive, but if it’s because of something that I can’t change – then it’s inexcusable.

    The practice of nightclub-door discrimination is disgusting and unjustifiable. I understand that some establishments wish to attract a “higher class” of clientèle, but the only acceptable way of doing this is through advertising (holding yourself out as an upper class place) and door tax. If someone comes along to an establishment and can afford to pay the entry fee then the bouncers should not be exacting personal discrimination on them.

    Some pubs/clubs have door policies such as “no visible tattoos, no trainers/work boots, no football shirts”. The reality is the list of “unattractive” clientèle extends much further than this, but clubs would just never dare put up a sign that says “no gays, no fat girls and no foreigners”.

  3. As a slightly fat ‘hippy’ with purple hair I expect to be turned away from most bars tbh. However the only places this has ever happened to me at is Box and Rain, neither of which I really wanted to spend my time in anyway (each time was for a friends birthday so I had no choice in the matter).
    To be honest the issue doesn’t affect me very much anymore. At 22 I’ve found myself a bar I like (limelight) with friendly bouncers who now know me because they’ve taken the time to chat with me.
    But if I want to go out for a friends birthday I have to throw on a dress and some heels so I’m at least dressed to a standard that the bouncers can’t turn me away for, although I’m sure they could find another reason easily.
    I’m much happier in my DMs and dresses with shirts.
    Not walking around in dresses half way up my ass with my boobs hanging out and heels so high that I can’t even walk, which seems to be the way you have to look to get into some of the bars in our wonderful city.

  4. CLARIFICATION – You where not refused entry at the door on Saturday night. A male member of your party was asked by a door person to remove an item of jewelry upon entry and you took offense to this. To say that you were the victim of discrimination based on your looks and accent is disgusting, dangerous and completely untrue.
    You have also criticised the Albany for using a photo of models as a press shot. These models were all wearing clothes from retailers on the Lisburn Road. The Albany will be holding regular fashion shows in conjunction with Style Academy and these fashion shows will be show casing some of the clothing retailers on the Lisburn Road in an attempt to boost their revenue. Why you would not support this is beyond comprehension….Love Belfast? Really?

  5. I was recently out in Belfast with 1 other friend and got a taxi around to the odyssey (£5). We approached the Box where there was no long que at all. We were both respectfully dressed up for the occasion and had no alcohol in our systems so we wouldn’t get refused for being to drunk. When we got to the bouncers all we got was a simple ” Not tonight ” then they moved the bars to let us out. There was no reason or nothing we could think of that would have got us turned away.
    Basically two normal average sized guys. I find it disgusting that they can just turn 2 people away with no reason at all and it damages your confidence greatly. We then had to spend another (£3.50) to get around to El Divino. Something should be done about how you get turned away. A simple reason would of satisfied us but there wasn’t. I can honestly say ill never be back near the place again. #boycottTheBox

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