DOE planning decision to force the removal of a beautiful facade to AM:PM and Belfast city council are powerless to stop it?


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DOE planning are forcing the AM:PM Cabaret Supperclub to remove their beautiful facade so that it looks like other red brick buildings in the Upper Arthur Street, Belfast and could face a fine up to £3,000…

DOE planning have stated quote: ” The current application is unacceptable and does not comply with planning policy 6 or 17. The signs (awnings) detract visual amenity and the wider conservation area and present visual clutter which is not acceptable. The proposal is therefore being recommended for refusal”.

We understand that this will be presented to Belfast city council town planning after the euro elections and even if the council wanted to they have no power to overturn this unelected bodies decision……

surely unreasonable? Surely madness?


DOE planning decision to force the removal of our beautiful facade to AM:PM. Sign the petition to reverse this decision..
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  1. It’s hardly undemocratic. A local city council does not have the power to overrule a government department enforcing governmental policy. Whether you agree with the ruling or not, this is not an issue of something being ‘undemocratic’.

    • Their ruling is incorrect. Detracting visual amenity means for example building a massive skyscraper in a place of natural beauty.

      How can it detract from the visual amenity of the street, when there are 2 trees either side of the restaurant that block its view from up and down the street?

      It is undemocratic if a 5000 strong petition cannot change the decision. The department of environement ARE NOT ELECTED TO THEIR POSITIONS.

      Wikipedia visual clutter/visual pollution: “Visual pollution is an aesthetic issue and refers to the impacts of pollution that impair one’s ability to enjoy a vista or view”…

      If you have ever walked down Upper Arthur Street, you would think neither that it forms visual clutter, or detracts from the view.

      Should all buildings stay grim looking to keep with everything else being grim looking? Why don’t they make everything else change to look well maintained like AM:PM?

      It’s a complete disgrace

  2. With other parts of the UK it would be the city council who made the planning decision and so sensitive to local needs, not a government department only focussed on technical obedience to rules whether they fit the circumstances or not.

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