Digital Arts Academy

Digital Arts Academy

Digital Arts Academy – 13th -17th August

The Digital Arts Academy is a fun interactive Summer scheme experience launching in East Belfast this August 2018.  Kids aged between 8-12 will get the opportunity to get hands on experience of being a DJ, Coder, Vlogger, Music Producer and Animator.

The project is the brainchild of local DJ Timmy Stewart & Giga training’s John Walls, both have amassed decades of experience working within the creative arts and training sectors. The Digital Arts Academy founders are also fathers themselves so saw first-hand the growing interest from the next generation in the evolving digital world.

 “I think it’s very important to give young people a chance to explore new areas, we now know, no matter what area you move forward in life and learning; computers and digital devices will feature. The whole creative arts sector is really blooming right now and in order to ensure that keeps developing and expanding it’s important to share knowledge and spark curiosity from the next generation”. Timmy Stewart

Based in Orangefield Primary School, the programme will run from 9am – 3.30pm, Monday to Friday . The academy has been designed to require no previous experience. Each day consisting of fun interactive workshops focussing on an exciting aspect of the creative industries and culminates with a showcase of the piece of content created within the session.

A full suite of state of the art equipment and software will be available, so that everyone gets the hands on with a range of technology and apps. This includes Traktor/CDJ and vinyl DJ set ups, professional video cameras, laptops & iPads with pro level music/film/design apps installed. Each day, there is an online blog where parents can view the content created by their children.

“We’ve also designed the programme to be accessible in terms of apps and equipment for ongoing skills development. Access to a smart phone or tablet is fairly common for most young people, and with a few apps and a lot of creativity they will be able to develop their new skills further to create content outside of the academy sessions”. John Walls

More information and online booking can be found at  Any further queries please contact

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