Do it for Dave : 28th July

David Stacey

David Stacey David Stacey

Friends of David Stacey who sadly took his own life in May are organising a fundraiser for mental health / suicide awareness charity PIPS just two short months after they lost the young man.

Taking place in the Park Avenue Hotel on the 28th July, they  aim to ‘Do it for Dave’ by holding a Reggae-themed night to not only celebrate his life but to contribute to a very worthy cause.

Whilst it was announced earlier this week that Northern Ireland was on track to beating the world record for the longest time without a government, it also holds another title: the highest rate of suicide than anywhere else in the UK. PIPS, the charity Do it for Dave is raising funds for, has been working with people both young and old suffering from mental illness since 2003. Originally formed by a board of bereaved parents who all equally lost 14 of their children within a few months of each other, the charity now has 70 volunteer councillors based between their head office on the Antrim road, and their satellite office on Donegal Pass to help those in need.

Speaking to their Youth Development Coordinator Nadia, she says ‘There are no waiting list here, if someone needs to be seen, they are seen right away’.

PIPS offers services such as counselling and befriending, crisis response, complementary therapies, drug and alcohol support, family support, victim support and training services for schools, youth/community groups and the workplaces across Northern Ireland.

We spoke to David’s sister Joy so she could share his story and why they’ve chose PIPS to donate to:

”My brother Dave was an incredible person, a gentleman, kind, loving and humble. His nature is something which inspires me daily to go on. Life threw a lot at him and he went through so much that he didn’t deserve with bravery and determination. The pain we are all experiencing can only drive us to look out for one another and come together more in a world which is so difficult sometimes.. that’s why events like this are so important. We want to celebrate his life and invite everyone to have a great night and fundraise for an amazing cause. PIPS have been so supportive throughout the last few months for my family.”

So while Stormont sits empty and stoic friends and family work hard to raise funds for the mental health / suicide prevention services we need, why not donate to PIPS who provide them and Do it for Dave, Do it for a Michael or Do it for a Sarah who might need your help.

To donate to PIPS please follow this link

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