Coffee Bags – The Next Way To Drink Your Brew

Life, as we know it, has become so fast-paced and everyone is out there looking for the next best form of convenience. Food and beverages have become one of the things that people try and simplify because we need them in our daily lives, but we also need to make sure that not too much time is used to make it, order it or have it delivered. Coffee bags have become to coffee lovers, what tea is to tea lovers and both are easy and convenient to use especially on the run, but what are coffee bags exactly?

The science is in the bag

The first thing that you would need to know is that these bags are as good for the environment as a cup of coffee is for your body first thing in the morning. They are biodegradable, compostable and safe to throw away in your council bin without needing to put them in special bags before the time. Rice paper is usually used for this which makes it a safer way to store the coffee grounds in the bag and to dispose of afterwards. Unlike coffee pods that come in a plastic and foil type wrapper with limited coffee, 50% more coffee grounds are used in coffee bags so that the brewing quality is similar to that of a machine brewed cup of coffee.

Convenience VS Taste

It might be in a much smaller bag, but you will certainly get the same delicious taste. For regular coffee drinkers who cannot be swayed from their morning cuppa Joe, this might be a more convenient way to get in their early morning fix in a shorter space, anywhere, home or office. Think of the tiny bag as a brewing bag that doesn’t need a machine to do the brewing and just needs a cup of hot water to make the magic happen. To preserve the freshness, aroma and flavour, each bag is nitrogen sealed. The moment you open the bag you will get the same taste and smell of a brewed coffee, but with a little more convenience.

Coffee bags might not be the best way for anyone to really get that complete experience out of their coffee as they would out of a machine filtered coffee, but it provides a bit of convenience if you don’t have time to grab a strong brew in the morning. It’s also really great if you’re just starting out in your home or you’re a student and you do not have a coffee machine and cannot afford fancy coffee shop coffees every day. You get a very similar taste at a smaller cost per serving and without the hassle of wasting extra coffee if you have one of those machines that make more than one cup at a time. They also make really great gifts in hampers for anyone who enjoys a little surprise treat and makes life just a little easier for people trying to save it. With a variety of flavours to choose from, your favourite brew should be too hard to find especially in a bag.



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