Cayan ‘Boldly Goes’ where No Office Space has Gone Before

Cayan -Online Gaming Area in Belfast Office

–          £5.7 Investment to Foster Global Teamwork and Collaboration

Cayan, the leading provider of payment technologies, has completed a £5.7 million trans-Atlantic investment programme which has redefined its office in Belfast and headquarters in Boston. 

Living up to its reputation as an employee-focused business, Cayan embarked upon a radical office design and refurbishment to reflect the company’s pivoting culture, personality and values.

The investment has seen a combined 64,500 sq ft of office “house” feel more like a “home” for Cayan employees, with living room-styled meeting spaces complete with funky armchairs and vast kitchen/deli dining areas fitted out with full-size pool tables and relaxation areas.

The aim has been to create friendly, informal working spaces which promote collaboration and idea sharing across departments.

“Cayan is building the future of payments in both Boston and Belfast – so we wanted every inch of our office space to reflect our evolving journey,” explained Henry Helgeson, CEO and Co-Founder of Cayan.

“We’re not a formal, stuffy business, nor are we advocates of the ‘meeting room mentality’ as we believe this can stifle creativity. Instead we encourage open-minded thinking and, as the best ideas often come from the kitchen, we’ve incorporated breakfast bars and high stools where teams can meet informally over a coffee and share ideas together. ”

The fit-out of Cayan’s sci-fi themed City Quay’s offices in Belfast also includes innovations such an online gaming area, where employees are encouraged to create ‘across-the-pond’ comradery with their Boston counterparts, and a board room where the table converts into a table tennis table for staff use!

Following its launch in Northern Ireland in 2013, Cayan has grown its initial headcount of 15 to a workforce of 160 employees with a further 20 new positions expected to be filled by the end of July 2016.  In Boston the company employs 230.

Cayan™ is the leading provider of payment technologies that give businesses a competitive advantage. From simple and reliable payment processing, to fully integrated, multi-channel customer engagement platforms, Cayan is continuously developing new ways for businesses to unlock the power of payments. Headquartered in Boston, the company has multiple offices in the United States and Belfast, Northern Ireland. Cayan is one of the world’s fastest growing payment companies.