BT Business and STATSports – boosting players’ performance at the World Cup

Pictured at STATsports office in Newry is Sean O’Connor, Co-founder of STATsports with Ciaran McLaughlin from BT Business in Northern Ireland and Paul McKernan, CIO of STATsports.

STATSports is one of the world’s leading performance technology companies – based in Newry.

Co-founded by Sean O’Connor and Alan Clarke, STATSports’ revolutionary monitoring devices track athletes’ performance during practice sessions and games to provide direct and invaluable real-time feedback to coaching staff and players.

In a little over ten years, the company has earned a global reputation and now works with many of the biggest sporting organisations – including the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, MLS, NFL, NBA, Rugby Union and NHL.

Paul McKernan, CIO of STATSports, is acutely aware of how important technology is to the day-to-day running of the business and how vital it is to have a trusted strategic partner to deliver the infrastructure behind it. That is where BT Business in Northern Ireland comes in.

BT provide STATSports with a BT NET dedicated and private internet circuit, combined with a hosted BT Cloud Voice phone system,  which together provide  capacity and flexibility – both crucial for the growing business. The cloud-based solution can work across multiple sites, thereby helping to futureproof the business infrastructure.

It is BT’s cloud connectivity that instantly streams the individual performance data to coaching and medical teams to help them stay on top of their game.

Paul says: “When we approached BT Business, we were a rapidly-growing business, working with cutting edge technology, and we needed a world-class communications network that would enable us to scale up quickly and with ease.

“In the past year we have doubled our head count. Our clients are ambitious and compete at the highest level and we need to meet their expectations every time. It is vital that we are able to deal directly with clubs across the world in real time and the cloud technology that BT Business in Northern Ireland provides enables us to do just that.

“By installing the BT NET dedicated and private internet circuit, we have capacity, flexibility and, crucially, the reliability which have helped us to become the world leaders in athletic performance monitoring that we are today. It’s a product and service that delivers what it promises and we couldn’t be more delighted with it.”

The turning point for the company’s phenomenal growth came with the release of its ground-breaking Apex product with GPS technology. This game-changing small electronic device is inserted into the shirts or training vests worn by athletes. It measures every step, every movement – including heart rate, running speeds, distances covered and fatigue levels.”

When all eyes turn to the World Cup in Russia, several of the national teams -including Germany, Portugal, Belgium, England, Poland, Denmark, Morocco and recently-signed Brazil – will be using the company’s technology in an effort to achieve the best possible performance on the global stage.

Ciaran McLaughlin from BT Business Northern Ireland says: “For some of the world’s top players, performance stats are the first thing coaching staff monitor during training or while playing a match.

“Using the data, coaches are better able to plan strategy and tactics, as well as checking whether players are fit for a game or showing signs of fatigue.   As coaching staff work to secure a competitive advantage, getting this data in real time is vital and BT Business is delighted to play an integral role in successfully delivering that.”

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