Boots Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Search for Fellow Milestone Makers

Belfast Cornmarket 1966

In 1966, at the height of the baby boom, around 33,000 babies were born in Northern Ireland*. It was also the year Boots opened its first store in Belfast, and now, the retailer wants those babies to come forward to celebrate their 50th birthdays together.

Those celebrating their 50th this year are invited to submit their stories of how Boots has been there for them throughout their lives, from being a baby to caring for their own children.

The local Boots team will then select the best entries, who will receive a special birthday goodie bag of nostalgic and new products.

Anne Higgins, Head of Region at Boots in Northern Ireland says the 50th anniversary is the perfect chance to celebrate all the people the stores have helped in Northern Ireland; “From scrapes as a youngster to discovering your favourite shade of lipstick, nipping in for some emergency paracetamol or essentials for the baby, Boots has been there for communities in Northern Ireland since the 1960s.

“Some of our products have become synonymous with life here and we’re well established to provide reliable healthcare advice through our pharmacy colleagues. Those born in the 1960s will have grown up with Boots, so this is our chance to celebrate with them, and share the celebrations with our loyal customers.”

Boots opened the first store in Northern Ireland in Cornmarket in the ‘60s and has been delivering care in communities across the country ever since. It was the first health, beauty and wellness retailer to provide a one-stop-shop for the public, introducing products and brands that are still as popular now as they were then.

Products that were popular in the 60s include the No7 lipstick range; Gay Geranium was a favourite colour that ladies flocked to buy, and is still available in the No7 range today. Boots also first bought its Soltan range to Northern Ireland from 1966.

Boots Traditional Cold Cream was sold when Boots first opened its doors in Belfast.  At the time it was praised the world over; and still sold in stores today, cold cream is similar to a moisturiser, used to soften and protect the skin.

Another popular product at the time was Rose Hip Syrup for babies which became a staple in households, as it was packed with vitamin C which supports a healthy immune system. A decade later, the high street retailer brought Northern Ireland disposable nappies for the first time.

To celebrate your milestone birthday with Boots, and to enter the chance to win some ultimate birthday goodies, email your story of care at Boots to

There are currently around 85 Boots stores across Northern Ireland. Belfast’s Cornmarket store opened in 1966, welcoming 11,761 customers on the first day, followed shortly by Bangor in 1967.

Boots first began as a small herbalist store in Nottingham over 165 years ago. Today, with over 2,500 stores across the UK, its mission is to help customers look and feel better than they ever thought possible.