The brand new, relocated Belfast Lush store is open

Lush Belfast

Lush Belfast

If you have ever had to explain to a tourist or a passerby where Lush Belfast was, you could probably be forgiven for saying ‘Trust me, you’ll smell it before you see it’. Yes, for many years Lush stayed nestled in its rather potent little nook where  the slightly overpowering scent of bath bombs would give its location away. But now when tourists or passers by ask where Lush is, you can strictly say with confidence ‘You can’t miss it’

Still located in Castle Lane, Lush has taken up a new premises beside Patisserie Valerie that isn’t just bunged with bath bombs, but just about anything else you can think of. I’m informed that the move was inspired not only by Lush’s growing popularity amongst conscious consumers, but the need for a little more space where they could finally display all they have to offer. And it’s a lot.

If you can remember the scene of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes Shop in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, then you’ll have a close enough visual of how the Lush opening went. Sales assistants are dressed as bubbles, the Comforter Bubble Bar and the infamous Intergalatic bath bomb and demonstrations of compounding said bath bombs are taking place much to the amazement of the public. Every few minutes, hands are being lovingly lathered by much obliging staff and a bath bomb is fizzing away in one of the shops many sinks.

In many ways, it’s the same old Lush we’re used to – amazing smelling, ethical products receiving lots of enthusiasm from always knowledgeable and ever friendly staff, but there are some notable differences. First of all – space. If you’re one of those folk already thinking about Christmas, then you’ll be glad to know there is more than enough room to work your way around the shop. Second, there’s a very eco-friendly wrapping station that involves black egg style cartons where you can pick 4 goodies and have it wrapped in a repurposed cloth – what’s unique about that? The Belfast store is only the second in the world to have it – after Japan. Third, you’ll notice there are products maybe you didn’t know existed, for example the new store now has Lushs’ black label fragrances. No more buying online, you can literally ‘pop to the shop’ for your refill. And finally? The strong smell of bath bombs was a bit like marmite, but now they hold their own at the back of the shop with their own dedicated space making way for other more docile sweet smelling products to take centre stage. All in all, it was about time Lush got their Belfast landmark – and its new store is a breath of fresh air.

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Author: Anna Louise Crockard

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