Belfast High School’s Young Enterprise team have developed a brand of unique candles hand-decorated using traditional henna techniques

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Belfast High’s Young Entrepreneurs bring ‘bright’ idea to local competition Capitalising on the talents of their team members, an enterprising group of students from Belfast High School, Newtownabbey, have recently launched a unique and inventive new product as part of this year’s Young Enterprise programme.

Tapping in on the recent craze for new-age inspirations and Asian influences in décor, Belfast High’s ‘Source’ team launched a range of unique hand-decorated candles featuring bespoke designs skilfully applied with henna, or ‘mehndi’ as it is traditionally called.

Popular as decorations on the skin during special occasions like weddings in many Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, the complex patterns of henna art have been marvelled for thousands of years, and this local team of enterprising is working to bring an ancient art form to life in Northern Ireland.


“Four of our team members already had the skills to create beautiful henna designs, so to develop a unique product we decided to work with their artistic backgrounds to craft a product that displays the unique patterns of mehndi and introduces this amazing art form to local buyers,” said Amy McGuckin, managing director of the team.

Belfast High has encouraged students to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit for many years, with previous products and enterprises launched by students including flowers and handy shopping bags. This year the school’s team will provide an educational factor to their project by also visiting local primary schools to inform them of traditional henna cultures as well as giving younger students the chance to design their very own henna candle.

These one of a kind French vanilla scented candles are designed and decorated by members of the Young Enterprise Team. Each candle is then painted with a sealant and packaged in cellophane before being sent to local outlets. Candles are available from locations including Indian Restaurants like Nu Delhi in Belfast and Belfast High School in Newtownabbey. The team is also negotiating with local independent retailers to sell their candles. Prices range from £4 for a candle with small designs to £8 for a candle with intricate designs.

For more information on Belfast High’s Young Enterprise team or to purchase a unique henna candle visit or follow the team on Twitter @YE_Source.


Belfast High School’s Young Enterprise team ‘Source’ includes students Amy McGuckin, Amber Smyth, Beth Grant, Taylor Meek, Zac Burns, Adam Sinclair, Jessica Barr, Alice Machenry, Shannon Moan, Katie Nelson, Simarin Tandon, Aleena Joy, Evan McVeigh, Ross Neil, Ryan Wilson, Donna Jose and Victoria Allen.

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