Back by Popular Demand: Freddy High-Waisted Button-up Jeans

Freddy Jeans

Freddy Jeans

It is with great pleasure that Cuba Clothing can announce a welcome addition to our inventory: Freddy High-Waist button-up jeans for women. After growing demand, we now confirm a range of new garments which are now available both in-store and online.

Capitalising on the success of our Freddy WR:UP zip-up jeans, the purchasing team at Cuba Clothing have responded to demand for button-up denim. Now, a range of beautifully designed garments on offer exclusively at Cuba.

Still haven’t made your mind up about high-waisted jeans? Let us persuade you with the 7 reasons why you should invest in a pair this Spring:

1) Back in Style

If you want to stay fashionable and present yourself as wearing the latest trends, you need to add high-waisted jeans to your everyday wardrobe.

2) Comfort

High-waisted jeans are comfortable, especially if you choose a reputable brand. Just remember to choose the size, which is something our team can help with by offering custom sizing at no additional charge.

3) No-More Falling Down

Because of their unique design, high-waisted jeans typically don’t suffer from this problem. While sitting high on the waist, they also wrap around your waist for increased security.

4) That Stretch

High-waisted jeans made of stretch denim are even more comfortable, as they can stretch without sustaining damage.

5) Compliment Your Body

If you want to achieve the best possible look, you need choose the right style for your body type. High-waisted jeans make the legs appear longer while also slimming down the hips and mid-section.

6) They Don’t Drag

In addition to sitting high on the waist, they have less fabric around the bottom, meaning there’s little-to-no chance of them dragging on the ground. You can even wear sandals, flip-flops or other open-toed shoes without worrying about your high-waisted jeans dragging on the ground.

7) Those Colours

While traditional colours such as these are available, you can find high-waisted jeans available in countless other colours as well. Black, for instance, is a popular alternative that many shoppers prefer.

Freddy high-waisted jeans with button fastenings are now available at Cuba Clothing via our website, or any of our stores in Belfast, Dungannon, Cookstown or Omagh.

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