Global leader in secure connectivity solutions  announces partnership with B-Secur

B-Secur’s Chief Technology Officer, Adrian Condon and Head of Strategic Partnerships, Elena Guseva at Embedded World 2018 in Nuremberg.
B-Secur’s Chief Technology Officer, Adrian Condon and Head of Strategic Partnerships, Elena Guseva at Embedded World 2018 in Nuremberg.

One of the world’s leading semiconductor suppliers for the secure identification, automotive and digital networking industries has announced a partnership with a Belfast-based heartbeat authentication business.

The NASDAQ trading NXP Semiconductors®, which posted multi-billion-dollar revenues in 2017, has teamed up with B-Secur to launch an innovative authentication solution for its powerful new microcontroller chip.

NXP’s new K32W0x wireless MCU platform will secure a range of connected devices from consumer devices such as wearables, smart door locks, thermostats and other smart home devices, as well as healthcare, commercial and industrial IoT applications.

B-Secur will bolster the security of the new chip with an integrated solution based on its patented ECG authentication technology, which uses an individual’s unique heartbeat pattern, known as an electrocardiogram (ECG), to quickly and securely authenticate identity.

This is a ground-breaking deal for B-Secur that enhances their growing reputation on the global cybersecurity stage, boosted further by a world-wide CNN documentary showcasing the company’s innovations in next generation biometric authentication.

This ECG authentication technology allows individuals to use their heartbeat as an authentication format. It is inherently more accurate and secure than fingerprint, voice or facial recognition and can turn heartbeat data into meaningful insights on fitness, stress, fatigue and other performance factors.

B-Secur CEO, Alan Foreman said: “Working with NXP is empowering us to expand our market reach exponentially and help us deliver intelligent, powerful authentication solutions for global cybersecurity challenges.

“The key to this partnership is the integration of our technology into NXP’s hardware. I am passionate about helping organisations understand that tapping into the power of next generation biometric authentication doesn’t require wholesale infrastructural change – it can be done flexibly with embedded solutions.

“We’re currently extending our licensing models and working with a number of companies on some truly exciting projects, particularly in the health and wearables sectors, with new partnerships underway.”

B-Secur Founder and Chairman, Colin Anderson OBE said: “NXP Semiconductors® is the one of the global leaders in secure connectivity solutions and the opportunity to embed our next generation security system within their cutting edge K32W0x wireless MCU platform, showcases our ability to deliver unrivalled authentication solutions.

“With our headquarters in Belfast and a strong partnership with Queen’s University Belfast’s Centre for Secure IT (CSIT) department, we have grown rapidly over the past twelve months and have invested in world-class science and engineering talent from Northern Ireland and beyond.  We see this unique partnership with NXP Semiconductors® as a crucial platform for future growth.”  

Emmanuel Sambuis, Vice President of Microcontrollers and Connectivity at NXP Semiconductors said: “Announcing the K32W0x secure wireless MCU platform is a great achievement for us, as it marks an evolution in streamlining the complex functionality and processing required to secure the connected devices which make up our world.

“The K32W0x platform includes high-performance security features such as secure boot, cryptographic and secure key management sub-systems, as well as a resource domain controller, anti-tamper protection and secure over-the-air firmware programming for Bluetooth® Low Energy, Thread and Zigbee networks.

“Combining these security features with the advanced authentication capabilities from B-Secur, NXP can deliver the latest security technologies to our customers and strengthen our position as a global leader.”

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