Appliances to Keep Your Belfast Home Warm This Winter

Appliances to Keep Your Belfast Home Warm This Winter

Every season is a gorgeous season in the picturesque city of Belfast. The Irish certainly love their city and also love it’s wintertime. Despite the cold winters, the Irish always have nice, warm and comfy homes to come back to.

While love and family will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling within you, it’s not the answer to keeping your home physically warm. You’re going to need more than love and a blanket to avoid an uncomfortable, cold winter. 

Here are some appliances to be equipped with to make your home feel like a warm summer’s day.

Heated ceiling fan

When we think fan, we immediately think cool air, but there are ceiling fans that are heated and some that work both ways. If you’re looking for a way to stay warm and save money then these fans are a great option. They will keep any room warm without the need to heat up the entire house. 

When the room is heated to the temperature that you’re most comfortable with, the heating mechanism will shut on its own. As the room starts to get colder, the heating device begins to work again. 

When the weather isn’t extremely cold, these fans get the job done. They’re easy to install and are typically inexpensive. If you don’t want a ceiling fan, you’ll find plenty of other choices of stand fans.


You might want to buy a new boiler if it’s a new house or new heating system or you might need to replace an old boiler. Typically, a boiler older than 10 to 15 years should be replaced as the costs for repairs on an old one might not be worth it. 

The type of boiler you purchase will depend on a few factors. These could include the types you need, the type of fuel it runs on, and the efficiency of the fuel. These considerations will ultimately determine the price of the boiler. To guide you more about boilers and the type most suited for your residence, look at the reviews at where you can find out about the different kinds of boilers and determine which one will suit your home. 

It’s important to understand the options and different features and sizes to know which kind of boiler would suit your home best.

  • Conventional Boiler

This is a traditional type found in many homes, especially older homes. They tend to use up a lot of space since they work using a tank for water storage, as well as a cylinder. 

  • Oil Boilers

They’re a good option for those who live in more remote and rural areas and don’t have a connection to a main gas supply. 

  • Condensing Boilers

As we become more aware and conscious about the environment, these types of boilers are safer for the environment.

  • Combi Boilers

They control both hot water and heating system, hence the name, and system boilers which will operate several taps of hot water at the same time. 

  • Biomass Boilers

These run on wooden logs or wood pellets. They’re known to be a very cost-effective choice.

  • Radiator

The best tip we can give you about radiators is to put some tinfoil at the back of it. This will have the heat reflected into the room rather than just aimlessly at the ceiling. You can also try putting the radiator under a shelf or table. This also directs the heat better.

Electric fireplace

If you want the elegance of having a fireplace without all the smoke and all the maintenance it needs, then an electric fireplace is a good choice. With a traditional fireplace, you actually lose around 90% of the heat through the chimney. Alongside of that, the smoke can linger on and get into your furniture, draperies, and carpets. It can agitate people with allergies or breathing problems. 

You can avoid all the drawbacks and hassle of traditional fireplaces by installing an electric fireplace. They are the best answer to those living in apartments, condos or small homes since they rarely get to enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace. You can also have the built-in option or wall mounted fireplaces to save on space.

A fireplace is considered part of the décor of a room and usually the focal point. There’s a variety of options in size and style to suit separate rooms whether they are contemporary or classic in style.

Everyone wants a warm residence to walk into when temperatures drop. There are plenty of options to keep the whole house or separate rooms warm. The older your home is, the more difficult it might be to keep it warm if you have poor insulation. But any of these appliances can do the trick. As long as you feel warm, then all is good. 


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