C&V Developments Announces Sponsorship of Air Ambulance NI Cycle Sportive 2018

Air Ambulance NI

Air Ambulance NI

C&V Developments Limited is sponsoring the second annual Air Ambulance NI Cycle Sportive 2018 which will take place on Sunday 13th May 2018.  Starting at the North West Paddocks, this event is hosted and managed by Causeway Cycle Club.

Vivienne Gilholm of C&V Developments Limited, the company which is also supporting the development of the Merrow Hotel and Spa complex, explains the importance of the event:

“The International North West 200 has always been a huge part of my family’s life. As a child, I grew up and lived on the circuit of the NW200. Interestingly, my sister is the artist who created the memorial to Joey Dunlop which is located in the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum at Cultra. I have watched with interest how the NW200 has evolved from a one day event to a week-long festival attracting top talent and global media interest.

“Sponsorship of the Air Ambulance NI Cycle Sportive 2018 is one that I’m delighted to announce. In many ways its journey is similar to the development process associated with the Merrow Hotel and Spa complex that C&V Developments Limited has also been supporting. The NW200 event started out small but it has responded to public demand and grown to feature many different elements. Last year saw the introduction of the Air Ambulance NI Cycle Sportive 2018 event to the overall programme.

“Just as the hotel project has enjoyed a wave of local support, so has Causeway Cycle Club for this great charity. We are delighted to be working with members of Causeway Cycle Club and Air Ambulance NI to encourage cycle enthusiasts to get involved in the NW200 and in the process raise funds for a very worthy cause.”

C&V Developments Limited has been working with Don Hotels Limited to plan the four star, Merrow Hotel and Spa complex, which is set to become the official home of the North West 200, with the event offices located within the grounds. Merrow Hotel and Spa has partnered with Interstate Europe Hotels & Resorts to manage the operation of the complex going forward. Mark Donnelly from Merrow Hotel and Spa says:

“After initial discussions between C&V Developments Limited and North West 200 Event Director, Mervyn Whyte MBE,  a project team was assembled which consisted of Ben Wilson from Wilson McMullan Architects, Tim Ferguson from Ferguson Planning and myself. The hotel project evolved, changed and adapted in line with market research and feedback from public consultations. Last year Interstate Europe Hotels & Resorts joined the team and the vision to establish the North Coast’s first luxury seafront hotel and spa started to take shape.

“The NW200 has its Superbike Race on the Saturday as its finale. In March 2018 Merrow Hotel and Spa announced its sponsorship of the main feature race of the Vauxhall International North West 200, the Superbike Race.  Our goal is to build the Merrow Hotel and Spa complex in line with projected completion dates and in the process create a home for the NW200 events team for years to come.  Our journey will start and end with the provision of much needed leisure and hospitality services in the area.”

When works are finished the Merrow Hotel and Spa complex will provide 118 rooms, a luxury spa with sea views, a leisure club with a 20m pool, a glass sauna and infinity pool, a steam room, a gym and studio, a demonstration restaurant, a bar/bistro restaurant, a signature cocktail bar, a conference space, meeting rooms, nine chalets serviced by the hotel and of course, the North West 200 offices.

Causeway Cycle Club Chairman, Robert Downes, adds:

“Raising money for charity is a big part of Causeway Cycle Club and supporting the fundraising efforts of our own and other cycling clubs throughout Northern Ireland is extremely important to us. With annual running costs of £2 million and no government funding the Air Ambulance will be relying on the generosity of local people to help fund this service. To sign up to this event or to donate towards the Northern Ireland Air Ambulance please contact info@causewaycc.co.uk.”


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