Belfast based writer Abby Williams released her first book – ‘Tripping’

Belfast based writer Abby Williams released her first book, ‘Tripping’, earlier this month and it is currently available for free ebook download exclusively on Amazon for a limited period.  
 The cult-fiction novel is set right here in Belfast and explores the issues of drug abuse, growing up and reckless hedonism.
Abby said: ‘This book came about naturally as a result of my own personal experience with growing emotionally after a period of chaos and and impulsiveness.  It’s a fictional story, but I can relate to it a lot and know that there are others that will too. It’s really an expression of restlessness and confusion that is felt by many young people today.’
 Abby writes for online BAM Magazine and is in the process of writing more books. ‘Tripping’ has reached #3 in the Urban Category for free Amazon books. Download yours for FREE until Wednesday 2nd March and leave a review to tell us what you think.
Abby Williams
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