A 10ft high bronze sculpture of Belfast boxing legend Rinty Monaghan was unveiled at Cathedral Gardens today in front of family, friends, and boxing fans.

World Flyweight Champion Rinty, who famously sang ‘When Irish Eyes are Smiling’ after fights, is captured in a victorious pose, with taped hand visible on one side and a microphone in the other as he looks out over the area where he was born and grew up.

And at today’s unveiling was a current day boxing world champion CarlFrampton, pictured here with Rinty’s brother Tommy.



Born in 1918, John Joseph Monaghan was better known by his childhood nickname, Rinty.

It was a reference to one of Hollywood’s most famous animal actors, Rin Tin Tin, because of the young boxer’s love of stray dogs.

When he was 30, Monaghan became the undisputed world flyweight champion after defeating Scottish fighter Jackie Paterson.



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