7 hacks to beat Instagram algorithms

Introduction –

In this digital world if you are thinking of promoting your brand or your creative account through social media platforms – you also know how important it is to reach your audience. It is important how many people can see your posts and to ensure that your account has a good engagement rate, you need to understand how to beat the algorithm.

The Instagram algorithm is a big challenge because this plays a vital role in gaining Instagram followers. Today, in this blog – we will try to understand how to beat the Instagram algorithm in 7 ways.

About Instagram algorithm –

Since 2016, the Instagram algorithms changed and ever since then – the algorithms have been changing constantly. The algorithm is important to get traffic on your Instagram account and get Instagram followers and according to the last few updates this year, only 10% of your followers can see your post. Instagram does not want you to keep away from the news but they want to show you the content you care about the most first. They prioritise the content.

The users who have struggled to understand this back then can now understand the meaning behind the algorithm. But the question is, How do their Instagram algorithms work? Why did the engagement rate drop and how can one fix it? Instagram never showed us fully which is why how we can understand and conquer the algorithm is important.

Here are a few steps which will help you in understanding why beating Instagram algorithms are important and how you can do it?

7 hacks to beat Instagram algorithms-

Before we get this started, the one thing we need to remember is that Instagram is a business and the more you spend time on the app the more they make money. This is why, how you can beat all the algorithms and ensure you get Instagram followers who can help you in building a brand is important.


  • Engage your audience – The part that how much time you spend on Instagram helps them make money can be beneficial for you. To beat the algorithm and increase your Instagram followers – you need to spend time on Instagram to engage your followers. How will you do that?

Ask the audience questions on the caption and ask them to reply to the comment box. Respond to the comments instantly if you can and try to continue the conversation. You need to engage with other Instagram users as well who are similar to your niche. Not just a normal complement but show them that you have read the caption and checked the post. Do this and then comment – this will help you in engaging your audience and you can see the increased rate in your Instagram likes.

But don’t spam their or your account while doing so.

  • Stories can help – It’s not always about photos of Instagram – nowadays, it’s also about posting stories. With so many interesting filters – it is impossible to not try. Stories are quick to see and take less time but it creates engagement. You can use Instagram as a microblogging platform and share your stories, experiences with your audience. Stories can help you interact with your audience and this way you can gain Instagram followers who will follow you for your content. For business, creativity and blog promotion – Instagram is the best app where you can share your content and grow followers.


  • Follow – Unfollow? – If you want to grow in social media, and want to crack the Instagram algorithm this year – do not play the game if follow and unfollow. There is one thing which you might not know. Instagram limits you follow/unfollow only fifty people in one day. What if you try to unfollow or follow fifty more people because you want to increase your followers or just clear up? Instagram will block your further related activity. For a whole day! If you are an influencer or trying to promote your brand on social media – keep this in mind.


  • Fake followers – The number game is very strong because these days even if you are a normal Instagram user, people judge you with the numbers of followers you have. This is why many brands, influencers use fake followers which can increase their Instagram followers. Don’t do that! If you have a brand you need a target audience who are interested in your content. You may win the number game but this will not help you in increasing your engagement rate which is a crucial factor of the algorithm. So, stay away from fake followers.


  • Using the latest features by Instagram – Instagram introduced us to its new feature which will ensure to reach your target audience. Reels! You can use this feature to create awareness for your brand or services or offers. These days reels are like the favourite time pass of every person and this can help you in getting Instagram followers for your account if you create reels relevant to your account.


  • Work on your feed – Instagram was made for posting photos that you can cherish later. Nowadays, it’s more about keeping an aesthetic profile. It’s all a visual game. If you are from a brand it would be best to hire a professional. Good camera quality and edits can help you in getting Instagram followers. It is very important to have high-quality pictures and videos because that will keep your audience engaged with your account.


  • Live streams – According to a recent study – video streaming can get two-third of internet traffic. Live streams of your brands can help you in getting traffic. You can answer the questions of your viewers, keep a live show which will push your account on top of any news feed.



These are some simple ways how you can beat the Instagram algorithm and stand out and above everyone in digital business. Content is the key but you need to find more ways so that people can see your content. Of course, the algorithms change now and then but these can help you in 2021 and ensure that you get the Instagram followers for your Instagram account.

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