5 Bars To Watch Sports in Belfast

If there’s one thing Belfast is known for, it’s the passion that its population has for sports. According to statistical reports, 6 out of 10 adults are regular participants in one form of sports or more.

There is no shortage of sports to play in Belfast, but the ones with the most fame are football, rugby, Irish Gaelic games, ice hockey, and American football. The people of Belfast are the best crowd to watch sports with, as they’re very close to it. If you lay your eyes on any bar in Belfast, you’ll probably find them playing sports at all times. In big tournaments, special preparations are made to accommodate the huge masses of people coming in to watch. 

Cheering for your favorite team is very social. You’ll be hard-pressed to not find fans not in groups. According to https://goalrilla.com/, simply having a hoop in front of your house can attract other basketball fans and can be a gateway to making new friends. Just imagine stepping into a bar full of them. What better way to watch your favorite sports than in a bar with all your friends, and perhaps earn some more? We’ve gathered the best 5 bars in Belfast for watching sports.

1. Lavery’s

Lavery’s is the bar where you’ll find almost any popular league in the world is being played. They are considered the most hospitable bar in Belfast as they’re boasting a whopping 28 screens that are running sports from all around the world. You’ll find your hands itching for some basketball shots while watching the league in Lavery’s. You won’t miss any basketball match as long as you keep up with Lavery’s huge schedule.

2. The Garrick Bar

Founded in 1831, The Garrick Bar is one of the oldest bars in Belfast, with almost 200 years under its belt. It’s rumored that its name was inspired by the Garrick Club, which was a trendy meeting point for artists and educated folk. The Garrick Bar won a few accolades of Belfast’s Best Kept Small Building thanks to its wonderful design that combines wood and tiles. The food there is great with plenty of snacks to fuel the long watching you’ll be doing. They use a multi-television setup and they cover sports like football, rugby, boxing, and even golf. You’ll feel right in place when you notice how warm the big crowd is.

3. The Errigle Bar

With huge multiple television sets, the Errigle Bar is one of the most sought-out bars during any major league championships. This is the place where you should go if you’re a huge fan of rugby as they are the official sponsor of the Ulster’s Women Rugby team. The atmosphere during any tournament is pretty cool, especially when it comes to rugby. The location makes them a center of attention in the Belfast City Centre. You can even host private functions and professional events. There are 5 bars within the building which you get to choose from according to your preferences.

4. The Berliner

The Berliner is relatively new to the Lower Garfield Street but it’s making some noise, even amongst the most popular pubs. You’ll find a small but charming menu of food, but a huge menu for imported beer. IF you’re getting tired of drinking the local beer while watching sports, The Berliner is the place to go for some exotic ones. You’ll find almost every major sporting event there, from football to the Olympics. You must try their famous rib sliders and hot wings any time you go in there.

5. The Hudson

The award-winning duo of writers “Thinking Drinkers” have named the Hudson as the best bar in the world that you could watch the Euro 2016 in. This year’s Euro is expected to be quite heated as Ireland will be facing some tough opponents with difficult odds. There is no better bar in Belfast to watch the Euro 2020 in. You can also expect a lot of people during the NFL and many major sporting events. They’ve recently expanded, and now they’ve grown into a 3-floored building with 4 homes and a vast smoking area. They’re famous for their craft beer and chicken wings that bring people from all over the country to try. If you see yourself talented, then you should try visiting them on Thursdays as they’re having an open mic day with talent scouts or just visit from Friday to Saturday to enjoy the live bands.

Belfast is as good as it gets when you’re a devoted sports fan in Ireland or a tourist. Even when you’re on a business trip, you’ll always manage to make some room to watch sports in these bars as the experience is unmatchable in any place else. Make sure to get warm and cozy with some great food and colorful drinks before you begin watching.

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