4 Time-tested Strategies That’ll Help You Trade Like A Pro

Trading in the stock market isn’t something that everyone has the hang of. That’s why most people would instead give their money to brokers to help them trade in the market. But there are some ideas you can use to ensure you trade like a pro. 

You don’t even need to have some fancy degree to pull off the trades. These are just time-tested strategies from people who have done it all before. Here are some of the methods that pros use to trade, and you can use them to your advantage.

Day Trading

The best-known trading strategy is day trading – this is where you trade when the whole market is wide awake. In such details, it’s the buying and selling within the same day. You need to close your position in the market on the same day you take them up. 

You can’t hold any position overnight when you day trade. Day trading is usually reserved for professional traders – this is where the market makers come under. Today, even with the bit of experience you have, you can efficiently day trade thanks to electronic trading. 

A little-known fact about day trading is that it’s usually a great strategy if you are trying to beat the market average. 

Swing Trade

There’s no hiding that when there’s a huge global event, for example, COVID-19, trends in the market break. This is where swing traders get in and make the most out of the situation. As a swing trader, you only have to hold the trades for a while as the market tries to establish itself. 

You buy and sell as soon as the price volatility sets in and make a killing when you can. Look to hold these trades for more than a day, but it should be shorter than the other trend trades. 

These trades, though, are based on an algorithm – it’s more technical than anything else. 

The algorithm is created to help identify when you can buy or when you can sell securities. Don’t be fooled, though; the algorithm doesn’t tell when there’ll be a market shift. In essence, it doesn’t foresee when the price value will move from top to lows. 

The algorithm likes a market that moves in one clear direction. For example, when you trade the London Forex, the algorithm can work wonders for your portfolio. Markets that otherwise sideways tend to be a massive risk for swing traders. 

Position Trading

Most first-time traders would want to be in position trading as they see it as a risk-aversive strategy. But contrary to common belief, position trading isn’t just about hoarding securities. It also involves some active trading too – this is something pros do. 

When you want to embark on this strategy, you need to look long-term. You don’t look at only daily charts in this scenario; you also have to look at monthly charts. It’s not all, though; you have to combine other strategies too. 

When looking at these charts, your main focus is to ensure that you can determine the market’s trend. All are looking long-term towards the direction of the movement. This isn’t a one-off trade; it may take weeks to get it right when you use this strategy. 

At times, it may take longer than the few weeks you may have anticipated. Here, it would be best if you looked at successive highs – both on the higher and the lower side. It helps you decide the security of the trend when you look at it from this more comprehensive perspective. 

When you are a position trader, you have to look to jump to the wave. With preparation and know-how, you get to benefit from both market movements – up a downside. You, however, never try to determine the price levels of the trades in which you’ll be involved. 



There’s no shame in scavenging in the market; people have been doing it for years to great success. This is where you look to identify and also exploit a temporary imbalance in the market. This is the supply and demand imbalance. 

As a scalp trader, you don’t go for the significant moves in the market. And neither should you look to transact in high volumes. Check out the small actions that tend to occur quite frequently. Also, measure the importance of transactions when making this type of move. 

The profit per trade here is relatively small; you need to look for the liquid markets. You may increase the frequency of the trades when in this position. 

Trading like a pro requires you to borrow some of their tricks. Here are some of the tricks that pro traders use to be successful in the market. You can use them too. 


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