4 Additions You Can Add to Your Bar to Make It Look Better

When selecting decor accents for your bar, an array of products on the market are available to liven up your space and add the perfect ambiance. However, deciding where to start looking for items to provide the look you want can be a little confusing. A good start would be to select several must-have items for every bar.

Neon signs 

Undoubtedly some of the most popular features in a bar are neon signs. Bar-goers know that this type of decor is an attention grabber and their eyes are immediately drawn to these signs. By strategically placing one or more of these neon fixtures throughout the establishment, both inside and outside, interest is created on one focal wall or in all directions for larger spaces. They also provide additional lighting and illuminate other features in its surrounding vicinity, with just the right amount of intensity.

Besides adding more interior brightness, neon signs create a distinct vibe to the bar environment. Signs come in a variety of themed designs with text, including the name of your bar, or without text. Various colors and sizes can be incorporated, according to your specifications, as well.

They can be further customized to include indoor glass options for a warm glow or a LED feature that creates the flashing and fading effects, motion, and animation that you desire. Regardless of your decor needs, as seen at https://www.neonsignsdepot.com/neon-beer-signs, you are provided with a wide selection of high-quality predesigned or customizable signs, including an assortment of beer signs, that are sure to jazz up your bar at affordable prices.

Personalized Bar Signs and Wall Hangings

To accompany your neon decor, personalized bar signs or wall hangings are other features that can add more character to your bar. Again, ready-made plaques or pictures displaying different types of liquor, and some with popular brands, logos, and slogans are usually widely available to complement the drink offerings at your bar. Your bar’s name or any other custom text or graphic can be added to individualize your sign. 

Popular materials used for placards are wood and metal. Wooden signs with a distressed finish can give your bar a vintage feel. Metal signs offer versatility and can provide an aged, modern, or eclectic look. Yet another unique wall decor that can accent a bar’s wine selection is engraved shadow boxes filled with wine corks. No matter which of these types of accessories you choose to adorn your walls, a range of sizes, colors, and styles are available to match your bar’s theme.

Pendant Light Fixtures

Lights are an important feature used not only to produce the right mood and ambiance but can also greatly impact a bar’s aesthetic appeal. Large hanging light fixtures can accent and act as focal points of a bar, especially when hung over a bar’s counter and seating areas. A wide selection of materials and designs for shades are available and can vary from metal, glass, or fabric coverings for bulbs to reflect a look ranging from modern and eclectic to cozy, traditional, and homey.

Choices for bulbs can also greatly affect the appearance and feel of a bar’s interior environment.  The type of bulb, such as compact fluorescent, halogen or LED, and wattage and color, all influence luminosity and brightness. 

Further factors to consider in generating the perfectly lit environment are how many pendant lights to include, their spacing, and how they highlight different sections and decor accents in combination with other types of lighting around the bar.

Accent Bar Stools

Furniture plays an essential part in determining mood and style by reflecting the overall theme of the bar. Amongst all bar furniture, the category making the greatest impression would be bar stools. They can be found in different styles, colors, patterns, shapes, and materials exist and add immediate visual appeal, and accentuate or in turn, are accentuated by other focal points. Customized styles are often worth the investment, especially if they are married to functionality and comfort.

As patrons and guests will be utilizing stools for the majority of a bar’s opening hours, providing stylish comfort in the form of cushioned or padded stools with back support is crucial. Hence, if choosing to go with metal, wood, or plastic materials, comfort in the form of wide contoured seats and back support can be fashioned, while maintaining pleasing aesthetics.

When it comes to functionality, movement of stools from the counter area and the ability to swivel to facilitate conversation and viewing of big screens, are key considerations when choosing designs. Ease in cleaning and durability are other factors that could dictate the choice of materials. Using vinyl or leather coverings satisfies this criteria without sacrificing good looks.

By selecting choices of new additions to accent your bar in these 4 categories, your bar is bound to improve in its appearance. With all the options available in the marketplace with read-made and customizable products available to fit any budget, you are only limited by your creativity in constructing a picture-perfect bar.

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