3 Reasons Why You Should Write Your Will Online

Writing your will is an important process to ensure the rights of your loved ones are protected and to avoid any conflicts between them. However, many people find writing their will a terrifying process due to all the legal jargon they face while discussing their will with a lawyer.  Lawyers aren’t the only way to write your will. 

Recently, the creation of specialized websites that will let you write your will online has made this process easier. While some people still prefer to go to a lawyer, writing your will online has several benefits you may not be aware of.

1. Cost

Depending on your estate, a lawyer can charge you for writing your will in the range from $100 to $1000. Keep into consideration that the price always indicates the quality of work and attention to detail. The cost alone may prevent some people from writing their will, especially if they don’t have a complex estate. On the other hand, the cost of creating your will online ranges between  $10 to $100 which will save you money considerably. Additionally, you save the cost of any activities regarding your will such as printing papers, transportation costs, and extra visits to a lawyer. However, stay away from cheap websites as they may not be even certified and you can’t be sure of their information security. The same applies to lawyers who may take advantage of your lack of knowledge of legal terms to alter your will for someone else’s favor.

2. Convenience

It’s more convenient to write your will online from the comfort of your home. You are not bound to a lawyer’s schedule so you choose the time that fits your schedule. If you forgot a document while visiting your lawyer, you’ll be forced to revisit them with any missing documents which adds more cost and time. Creating your will online offers you the flexibility to add any missing information whenever you remember it and gives you all the time you need to collect all the documents you need. The same applies to updating your will as you will need to visit your lawyer again while you are only a few clicks away from updating it online. You can easily change the executor of your will, add new financial updates, include additional heirs, and other modifications as you visit website pages from the comfort of your home using your device. People dread going to a lawyer because it is time-consuming and frustrating, while if you have a simple estate, you can finish your will online in 30 minutes. Professional online will websites usually use language that is easy to understand in their forms while offering legal advice if needed through their customer care. All that being said, some people have more complicated estates than the usual, whether it was having several children from different partners, having estates that exceed the estate tax minimum, or any other complicated cases may find it more appealing to hire an attorney to write their will.

3. Protect Your Family and Loved Ones

The convenience of an online will that facilitates writing a will is that will protect the rights of your children or loved ones. Even simple estates can arise a conflict between beneficiaries and it turns ugly quickly from a simple misunderstanding. Instead of speculating what you “would have” wanted, your heirs will know exactly what you have wanted and your online will would eliminate any confusion. 

Online will

Additionally, writing your online will on a reputable website ensures that your will meets legal regulations and is updated with any regulation changes, avoiding any claims to discredit your will. Aside from distributing property, an online will helps in appointing guardians to your children, give donations to charity, give gifts, and other actions. When you write your will online, you ensure that your will is secure and hasn’t been tampered with by anyone, preventing any doubts regarding your will. Finally, an online will makes the process of acquiring the assets easier and faster for your heirs and less costly than leaving the distribution of your assets to the law.

Most of us have a simple estate that doesn’t require a lawyer to handle its procedures, and at the same time, we don’t feel that our estate requires a will. However, we must think of our families and loved ones and take care of them even after death. Writing a will has never been easier since it can be done online and revised by legal experts. An online will saves you money and time that will be spent at a lawyer while ensuring you’re protecting the rights of your heirs.


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