Your First Marathon: How To Prepare And What To Expect

Most runners’ desire to do a marathon is usually a personal challenge, and you might want to prove that you can cover the distance. Your goal might be to lose weight, to raise awareness, or to get healthier. For whatever reason, that drives you to participate in a marathon, hold on to your course, and continuously remind yourself about the goals you set to achieve. Here is a brief overview on how to prepare for that marathon and what to expect during the race:

1. Get Proper Equipment

When selecting running shoes, find a pair that is light, flexible, and comfortable. Find a sporting goods store and try out several pairs until you find the right one. Specialists at findmyfootwear would advise you that the proper footwear has a significant impact on your marathon success. Most specialized stores allow customers to run in the shoes and will offer you feedback on the right pair of shoes. Consider purchasing a pair of high-quality socks that are protective and comfortable. Before the marathon, apply some Vaseline or Aquaphor on your feet to prevent blisters.

2.Fueling and Recovery

No doubt, you will get hungry after running, but remember that eating correct portions of food at the right time could help fuel you up and recover the lost energy during training. After a hard training, you have a 30-minute window when your body can replenish and make use of protein and carbohydrate that was lost during exercise. During this time, consume proteins and carbohydrates in the ratio 3 to 1. Also, consider refueling using chocolate milk and protein shakes. 

3. Set Goals

In case you are a novice marathon runner, completing the event would be a great achievement. For a newbie, focus on having a good experience and finishing the race but never try too hard. Besides, you need to have a pacing plan to ensure you neither go too fast nor exert excess energy during the race.

4. Mental Preparation

Having high confidence and a positive mindset can influence your performance during the marathon day. To prepare mentally, ensure you have suitable results during your training runs and tune-up races. Proper mental preparation could help in instilling confidence that would help you relax more during and after the race.

5. Meals before the Marathon

Most athletes assume that carbo-loading on the night before the race would be a perfect strategy, but that might be inappropriate. Consider eating carbohydrates such as pasta or rice during lunch then have a small dinner. This strategy will lighten your GI load tract and make it easier for you to sleep. It would be essential that you consume food at the appropriate time on the marathon day to give your body time to digest.

What to Expect?

Being a beginner, you hope to stagger across the finish line, and you expect your personal best. Here are some other expectations you should anticipate:

  • Training Expectations

Training will consume most of your time; therefore, expect to be obsessed with running. You will probably pore over websites and magazines as you seek information that concerns nutrition, proper workout, appropriate training gear, and how to deal with problems such as itching of the toenails. Despite the deep urge, resist overtraining to ensure you have enough rest to prevent injury and burnout.


  • Race Day Expectations

On the day of the marathon, expect a huge crowd, a thrum of nervous excitement, and fellow runners. It would be appropriate to arrive early since there would be long lines, and you will experience delays when locating a place to park your vehicle. You need to arm yourself with fluids and snacks for hydration and nutrition purposes. Expect an enormous aura of excitement since your first marathon would be an exceptional experience; enjoy the moment.

Your First Marathon: How To Prepare And What To Expect

The beginning of the race is awkward or exciting

From the start of the marathon day, you might question everything that you were sure about: the marathon attire, the meals you cook, the kind of weather. Remember your goals you set while preparing for the marathon and ensure you dress the same way you did during training, have the same meals, and clear those lame excuses from your mind. It might help if you write down a list of all requirements before the marathon, and when the day arrives, stick to the list, grab your gear and start the marathon.

Generally, your first marathon will come with high expectations and challenges; therefore, you need to take your race and keep moving. Preparation for a marathon can be a simple task provided you follow the tips highlighted above. Expect the best out of the marathon and bottom line, ensure you have fun during the race.

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