#WorldCup Opener Smashes Social Media @Twitter


The first match of the #WorldCup has taken place, with host country Brazil (@CBF_Futebol) defeating Croatia (@HNS_CFF) 3-1. And the world is already discussing every second on Twitter.

As the #WorldCup got underway, Twitter data shows us how quickly football fans across the globe took to Twitter. Here’s a snapshot of the #BRAvsCRO conversation, and a preview of the key metrics you should expect to see over the next month from @TwitterData and @TwitterSports as the teams compete for global glory.

1. There were over 12.2 million Tweets during the match
@CBF_Futebol vs. @HNS_CFF saw over 12.2 million Tweets about the match during the live telecast:



2. More than 150 countries joined the conversation
The Twitter conversation related to the match touched nearly every country across the globe. Click the map below to zoom into each country and see how the game played out on Twitter:


3. Images tell the story
Photos shared on Twitter let you see the global celebration, including through the eyes of fans at Arena Corinthians. This photo grid shows how some of the most important moments in the match were reflected in the images the world shared on Twitter:



4. The most-mentioned player was @NeymarJr
During the match, here were the most-mentioned players on Twitter:



5. @NeymarJr gained over 165,000 followers
After scoring two goals for Brazil, football fans rushed to follow Brazil’s top goal scorer. @NeymarJr gained over 165,000 followers the day of the match, which is ten times more than his normal daily follower growth average.



6. The most-shared Tweets
During the match, these Tweets were the most-retweeted:


7. The #WorldCup of Tweets
Since June 10, fans have been voting for their teams using hashflags in our #WorldCup bracket. As in the first match, #BRA triumphed:


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