Why should you study hospitality in Switzerland?

Hotel business training in Europe and Switzerland is considered one of the most prestigious in the world. Switzerland, as one of the leading exporters of educational services, was the first to open schools for training hoteliers and restaurateurs. Hotel management in Switzerland is considered exemplary, the level of service in hotels and restaurants in the country is very high. Advanced institutes, business schools open courses for current and future managers of the hospitality industry, hotel chains invite students for internships. The study programs are quite complicated, so being a student I preferred to pay someone to write my essay, so I could be more successful with my study.

Gradually, hospitality schools are becoming popular due to the high level of qualification of graduates, opening all over Europe and beyond. Studying hotel business in Switzerland, Europe for foreign students is an opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge, to practice in prestigious hotels, restaurants, to get acquainted with top-class professionals: managers of large hotels, chefs, marketing specialists, finance specialists in hospitality sector. Studying hotel business abroad allows foreigners to improve their qualifications, get a diploma/certificate from an elite university, improve their knowledge of English and other languages, and increase the chances of successful employment. Many hotel chains immediately invite graduates of hospitality schools who have completed internships in foreign companies to a permanent job.

The tourism sector is considered one of the most attractive for activity since it invariably becomes one of the most developing industries in the world from year to year. Also, since the tourism sector and others related to it are tirelessly growing and expanding, there is an increasing demand for specialists with specialized education.

It is worth noting that studying in the field of the hotel business and tourism abroad can open up to a young specialist a world filled with a variety of opportunities for building a brilliant career. Active and sociable people who have a stock of ambitions, various ideas in their arsenal and are eager to implement them, are guaranteed to find a place in the hotel or restaurant business.

One of the most pleasant advantages of such an education is the opportunity to work anywhere in the world! This sphere is flourishing abroad, so you can find a good place even at the initial stage with minimal work experience. In addition, during the educational process, universities in the industry prepare their students in conditions that are very close to real life. So university graduates are already professionally savvy personnel, ready to work.

You can get a qualification in the field of hospitality, restaurant or hotel business in many countries – in the UK, Spain, China – but we recommend choosing Switzerland as a place to study. First of all, because in this country the sphere of tourism business is the most popular direction for studying. For other reasons, read on.

Advantages of studying in Switzerland

So, here are some facts that will help you understand why this country is the best place to get a specialized tourism education:

Due to its location in the central part of Europe, Switzerland receives a huge flow of tourists on its territory and knows a lot about creating comfort and first-class service.

The educational techniques that are used in Switzerland in the field of hospitality, in addition to theory, are focused on developing practical skills, including various internships.

The leading Swiss universities of the hotel business and management occupy the first places in the world rankings: for example, in 2013, the well-known universities Glion and Les Roches were among the three leading higher education institutions from the list of TNS Global Survey. In 2015, according to the edition of Worldwide Hospitality Awards, Glion University was number one among hospitality institutes around the world.

One of the key advantages of the Glion and Les Roches institutes is their focus on practical skills development for students and technical equipment for these purposes: there are demonstration kitchens, restaurants, and hotel rooms equipped with everything necessary on the campuses of the institutes.

In addition, Swiss universities have formed extensive ties with leading industry organizations around the world. Their partners are Hilton, Four Seasons, Bloomberg, Louis Vuitton, Disneyland, Booking, Apple, Mandarin Oriental, Hyatt, The Ritz-Carlton, and many others.

Swiss institutes offer various kinds of training programs, starting from language preparation for admission and ending with a master’s degree and an MBA

Study courses in Swiss universities

Swiss institutes Glion and Les Roches offer students to get specialization in the following areas:

Hotel business

Resort management

Cruise business

Eco-tourism and sustainable development

Digital marketing

Personnel management and motivation programs

Retail in the premium segment

Brand management in the premium segment

Restaurant business

Organization of conferences

Spa centers and private clinics

Transport and logistics

Public relations

Sports management

E-commerce in the premium segment.

As practice shows, more than 80% of students already have several job offers by the time they graduate. This is not surprising, because young people already work out the necessary professional skills during their studies, interning in real conditions based on 5-star hotels or Michelin restaurants.

In addition to the faculties at the university, students choose the most priority curriculum for themselves – starting with an introductory one for schoolchildren and ending with higher education and a business course for industry professionals:

Summer programs. Introductory courses lasting 1-2 weeks will allow high school students and first-year students to get acquainted with the field of tourism, and understand what it means to be a student of Glion or Les Roches

Language programs. Here everyone will be able to prepare for admission to Swiss universities. During the period from 10 to 20 weeks of the training course, applicants will work out conversational language skills, improve academic English and expand the stock of professional vocabulary

Bachelor course. An educational program of higher specialized education lasting 3.5 or 4 years, which is intended for school graduates. Such a diploma will allow its holder to start a career in international circles and take managerial positions as soon as possible after graduation

Diploma programs. This is a rooted educational course that allows students to start working in the industry or continue their undergraduate studies. The duration of the program is 2.5 years

Postgraduate programs. A two-year educational course for those who have already reached certain professional heights in tourism, but want to expand their career opportunities or enter the international market. It is also suitable for specialists from other fields as an additional education

Master’s degree or MBA. A program where within 1-2 years industry professionals and managers will be able to improve their managerial skills, build new connections at the international level, as well as discover new ways of career development.


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