A lot of people are choosing to relocate nowadays, and they all do it for different reasons. Some relocate for jobs, some for a better or more affordable future, and some people simply get itchy feet living in the same place they have for years, and feel as if they need a change. Whatever your reasons are for thinking about relocating, a place you may not have considered, but definitely should, is Belfast. Ireland is a beautiful country, full of wonderful culture that deserves to be explored as much as anywhere else, but why should you consider the Northern Ireland capital as your city of choice? Well, here are some of the reasons why if you’re relocating, you should really think about doing so in Belfast.

The Living Cost

In comparison to many British cities – particularly the capital – the living costs in Belfast are way more affordable. If you’re wondering what helps sell a house fast, then a location with low living costs is definitely one of them, so if you ever end up wanting to sell your house on in the future, it’ll be a lot easier than it would in other locations. It always helps to think ahead!

For the beer drinkers out there, imported pints are likely to cost you around £4.50 (yes, the currency in use is the pound in this part of Ireland), however if you’re willing to drink like the locals and drink their own stuff, you’ll be paying as little as £3.00 per pint. Not bad if you’re one for a boozy night out! Especially when you consider that Belfast is a capital city. Compare it with the likes of London or Edinburgh, and you’ll realise just how good the prices are.

But of course, a boozy night out isn’t the more important thing. You’ll likely wonder about things like rent if you’re not buying, and furthermore the utility bills that come with it. Well, if you’re living in the city centre, rent averages on around £860.00 per month, whereas if you go a little outside of the centre (but close enough that you have easy access) you’re likely to pay only £660.00. If you’re looking at internet, it’s averagely around £20.00 per month, dependant on your provider of course.

Likewise, instead of council tax like in the UK, Belfast, and all of NI for that matter, pay it dependent on the price of the property. It’s referred to as “rates” and is a lot cheaper than the council tax you’re likely to pay in the UK.

Why Should I Consider Moving to Belfast?

The Job Opportunities

With the living costs in Belfast being low, a lot of investors see it as an opportunity, and therefore the capital of Northern Ireland is very much an up and coming city in terms of business and trade. Did you know that the unemployment rate is sitting at 8% at current? That’s not bad, considering.

For up and coming professionals, Belfast definitely holds a gap in the market. Although they keep their traditional trades afloat, which are textiles trades and ship building, this is more on the outskirts, whereas the city centre is home to more commercialised business and many office buildings. Not to mention the opportunities that exist alongside tourism and the renewable energy sector. Belfast is a city bursting with opportunity.

The Education

The education in Belfast is another one of the things that makes the city such a great place to settle into – especially if you have, or are planning to have a family. The universities are where the Belfast education sector really comes into its own.

Belfast is the home of two universities: Ulster University, and Queens University. Chances are if you’ve heard of either of them, it’ll be Queens University. It’s a highly respected university throughout the UK and ranks highly on the score tables. It even attracts students globally, which says something.

The City Itself

Last, but certainly not least, we’re going to talk about the actual city itself. To look at, Belfast is a beautiful culmination of architecture and history, just waiting to be explored.

Not only do you have places such as the Titanic museum readily available to visit, but the city centre itself is simply bursting with culture. There is an abundance of museums, theatres, and not to mention the Northern Irish parliament buildings which are a spectacle to look at in themselves. The city itself is home to so many different people, that everywhere you go you’ll experience diversity. The food, the accents, the culture. Imagine being able to soak all of that in on a daily basis.


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