WHY BREAD IS NO LONGER THE BAD GUY – Extra Goodness added to new Hovis Loaves

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Hovis, one of Northern Irelands leading bread manufacturers is adding Omega-3 from seeds to its Hovis Good Inside™ loaves after discovering that the intake of the essential fatty acid has fallen to an all-time low.

Fresh analysis of data from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) 2008-2012 has shown that a staggering 79% of children in the UK are missing out on the recommended intake of oily fish, the main dietary source of Omega 3 and, as a result they could be lacking vital nutrients, known to play a key role in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels[i]. Omega-3 is commonly found in walnuts, flaxseeds and olive oil too, and Hovis has added Omega 3, sourced naturally from seeds, to their new Good Inside™* range making it easier and tastier to consume this essential nutrient.

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Baked in Belfast every day, the loaves all contain naturally sourced omega 3 from seeds; wheatgerm, containing 14 essential vitamins and minerals; and fibre, a unique trio of ingredients providing extra goodness for all the family.  Just two slices of Hovis Good Inside™ bread contain 42% of the recommended daily amount (RDA) of Omega 3 intake.

The range – which will include White, Best of Both and Wholemeal – will join the existing Hovis line-up, and will continues to deliver on Hovis’s promise to use no artificial preservatives in any of the products, ensuring shoppers are getting all the goodness they need to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Jackie Kirk, Hovis Ireland Brand Manager said “There’s no question that Omega-3s from fish oil is vital for our brain’s functioning and immune systems but Omega-3 found in nuts, seeds and vegetable oils has a proven role in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

“Hovis has found an innovative way to introduce these vital ingredients into people’s daily lives, it’s a great step in the right direction toward better health. Bread remains one of the key favourite foods with 99% of households buying bread. We know that consumers are gradually reducing their consumption of bread, feeling guilty about eating it due to perceived health concerns. Hovis Good Inside™ was developed using the input of 2,500 consumers who told us what kinds of healthier ingredients were important to them in bread. We hope that the new range will help to bust any common bread-related myths and make bread a healthy choice for the family rather than a food to be avoided.”

Amanda Ursell, independent nutritionist, added: “When it comes to essential Omega-3s found most commonly in oily fish, people simply just aren’t eating enough of them.  That’s why I fully support the fact that, bread, this wonderful staple is now being used to deliver a crucial dietary component – essential Omega-3 which dietary survey data reveals we are not getting enough of in today’s modern diet.”

Hovis has invested over £5m in an integrated publicity campaign to promote the new range, including an eye-catching TV advert showing children escaping the confines of home and the consoles, getting out on their bikes and enjoying a delicious Hovis sandwich at the end of their day. Hovis hopes that the new range will help to bust any common bread-related myths and make bread a healthy choice for the family rather than a food to be avoided.

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