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The Breakfast Club
We’ve decided to 80s it up and show The Breakfast Club, in conjunction with our Black Moon Film Club.

Wee bitta Simple Minds, Molly Ringwald and a heap of 30 year old actors pretending to be 16 – sure what more could ye want?

£3 door tax (£1 concession). Pay on door.

The Friday Salons, a blend of big science and intimate conversations designed to ignite your curiosity and imagination!  Supported by the generous folk at BIS with the Science and Society Community Challenge Grant.  Tickets £6 or £3 concession.  

  • 24th October @1pmThe Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets – Everyone loves the Simpsons, but few people realise that its mathematically gifted team of scriptwriters have used the series to explore everything from pi to primes, from calculus to geometry, from infinitesimals to infinity. Prepare to be amazed, Simon Singhreveals all.
  • 7th November @1pm Electric Cars Are Rubbish, Aren’t They? – Environmentally- friendly? Sustainable? More like Greenie Hogwash! In the last 4 years Red Dwarf star Robert Llewellyn has driven over 50,000 miles in electric cars powered by batteries. In this talk he suggests we take off our Clarkson ear muffs and hear a different take.
  • 5th December @1pm Death by robot: why we need to stop autonomous weapons, Noel Sharkey – A number of states have been developing autonomous robots that can select and attack targets without human involvement.  This is the first step in the full automation of warfare. Pictures and videos will bring the issues to life and show why automated killing is unpalatable. Do we really want to delegate kill decision a machine? Will robots weapons be able to comply with International law? When will they appear on our streets and borders? After a discussion of how the new technology will create new problems for international security and stability, we will look at how the ‘campaign to stop killer robots’ (50+ NGOs from 25 countries) has been successful in raising awareness at the United Nations and putting autonomous weapons on the agenda.



Belly Laughs Festival
check their website for all shows and to book tickets across Belfast!
This week at the Black Box:
Wonderfrog – 8pm Green Room Wed 24 Sept
Tenx 9 7.30pm Thur 25 Sept Main Room
Laughter Yoga 5.30pm Main Room
The Mix Up 3pm Sat 27 Sept The Green Room
Wireless Mystery Theatre Sun 28 Sept Main Room 2.30pm & 8pm


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