Whether or not you’re a fan of EDM music, you can’t help but admire the skills and stage presence displayed by the world’s foremost DJs, and even your average concert DJ. Some people mistakenly think it’s easy going up there on stage and creating those electrifying beats, but it’s a lot of work and years of training. It’s definitely not an easy path to take, but it’s worth it when you see thousands of people from the stage, all dancing to your music and enjoying themselves. If you want to start a DJ business, there are some things that you need to take into consideration. 

What You Need To Know When Starting A DJ Business

You need to set up a plan

Like any other business venture, you can’t just start out without properly thinking things over and coming up with a decent plan. For starters, how are you going to fund this endeavor? DJ gear is quite expensive, and we’ll talk about them further down the article, so how do you plan on getting the money to purchase the necessary equipment? You need to set a clear budget outlining all the expenses you’re going to need, because there are others next to the gear like marketing costs, for example. So, it’s imperative that you set a plan so you could actually do this right. 

Finding a niche

Yes, being a DJ requires finding a niche. This starts with selecting your target audience. Are you going to go after weddings, graduation ceremonies, private parties, and other small-scale events? Or do you want to perform at clubs, lounges, and hopefully festivals in the future? Answering those questions will help you focus on one particular direction, which increases the likelihood of your success.

What You Need To Know When Starting A DJ Business

Getting the right gear

This is arguably the most important part of your journey to become a DJ. The kind of gear you get will make all the difference in how good you sound, and it’s your starting point to achieving success. You’ll need a lot of equipment starting from a powerful laptop, controllers, headphones, speakers, and several others. -Among others, controllers play a crucial role in the whole music mixing production. Knowing the essential things to consider when choosing a controller is pivotal, but you can be at ease when you check the best DJ controllers in Music Critic. More importantly, as shown on https://www.djequipmentreviews.com/, you don’t need to buy all the expensive equipment you see lying around in stores, but you do need to read up on some reviews on the available gear in the market with affordable prices. Listen to what professionals have to say, because their insight is quite important for a DJ starting out. 

Start small 

It’s important that you set realistic expectations when you’re first starting out. You are not going to play at the biggest EDM festival in Europe in your first year. Set attainable goals, and understand the importance of starting out small. There’s nothing wrong with starting out at weddings, even if you want to play at clubs and lounges. This line of thinking will help you make a name for yourself, and introduce your brand to the audiences that might be interested in your music. 

Work on your music

At the end of the day, a DJ is a person that offers people’ music. Even if you have the best gear on the market and you have an excellent marketing plan, none of it would matter if your music isn’t good. This is a rather saturated market, and if you’re not giving people something new, why would they be interested in what you have to offer? Always work on your music first, and hone your skills and even stage presence. Being a DJ is mostly playing cool music that would keep the crowds jumping, but it’s also about what kind of a stage presence you have. 

Licensing and paperwork

This is the one angle nobody wants to talk about, but you must. You need to ask and find out if there are any particular licenses or registration documents needed in your area so you could offer your services. It’s imperative that you remember this step because you have to be legal in order to operate a DJ business. 


One last thing you need to consider is the pricing for your DJ services. You need to ask around and do a lot of research before you settle on a final rate. You don’t want to charge people too high, especially starting out, and you also don’t want to undercharge because this is a business after all. So, ask other DJs and read up online on what the average rate are for someone with your experience/skill-set. 

It is not going to be an easy journey, but it will definitely be a fulfilling one. Giving people the gift of music is an unparalleled feeling that you are going to love. Just remember to take things slowly and plan ahead so your DJ business can be a success. 


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