The gambling business is developing rapidly all over the world, and not many Europeans know about respectable casinos in Belarus. And this is not surprising, since the majority believes that gambling is prohibited in the former USSR countries. But it is not so! And there are more and more people who are not afraid to check their luck and expand the game horizons.

Atmospheric recreation for those who cannot live without games, does not get tired to gain momentum in Minsk. More and more new clubs are opening, and complexes with a long-term reputation continue to work. One of the most popular establishments in Belarus is the Shangri La casino. It is visited by local elite and foreign guests. This casino enjoys special love among Russians, in whose homeland such establishments are located only in recreational areas.

What you need to know before you go to Shangri La Minsk? First of all, this casino is a part of the respected network – Michael Boettcher’s Storm International, Darren Keane has been the CEO for many years and, has been working to improve the service together with the creative management team. Secondly, it is officially the best casino in Minsk, which has been operating since 2009 and was awarded the Choice of the Year award six times in a row.

Rest in Shangri La: a services list

Shangri La Casino is located in the center of Minsk and operates around the clock. This is a premium club, where everything is thought out. Here everyone will find their own personal type of entertainment. The establishment offers the following services:

  • Experience fortune in gambling. A variety of automatic slot machines, classic roulette, poker, blackjack will be an adrenaline source for lovers of strong emotions;
  • Try delicious dishes in the restaurant. European and Belarusian cuisine will appeal to any gourmet. The head of the restaurant is Mark Ulrich, the European cuisine master, who also likes to experiment with dishes from different nations of the world. Every day you will find a special recipe from the chef.
  • Go to junket tour. Great offer for guests from abroad. It implies a carefully thought-out and organized casino tour of the all-inclusive system. Detailed information is on the official page. It is enough to call to find out the details and order individual planning.

Shangri La Casino Rules

Shangri La Casino has absorbed the traditions of the best gaming establishments in the world. It relies on the atmosphere – here a person must rest at the highest level and have fun. Refined and sophisticated atmosphere allows you to achieve this. The casino adheres to the rules established in all gaming complexes of the country.

The unit is well-known in Belarus, more than 40% of the guests come from Russia, and the hospitality of Shangri La is appreciated by visitors from Turkey. The casino is a continuation of the first Shangri La casino traditions, which worked in Moscow from 1992 to 2009 until the time when the Russian Federation legislation was changed, and all gambling establishments were evicted into special zones.

Shangri La Casino is not just a gaming club, it is a place where you can enjoy every detail. The interior, restaurant, variety of offers for VIP-clients make leisure colorful. You can verify this on the official page. Entertainment programs are constantly changing and are able to surprise even the most demanding guest. People come here not only to play and win, but also to be charged with a great mood.

The X. O. VIP club operates on the gaming complex basis, which offers a game with the highest possible bets. Only VIP card holders have access to VIP lounges, notes Darren Keane, Storm International Managing Director. Full privacy and security is guaranteed. VIP guests can enjoy a wide list of privileges, ranging from concierge service to a free transfer with business class cars.

The system of self-prohibition is work here. A player may write a voluntary statement restricting his access to the gaming club.

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