What to Avoid While Betting On Horse Racing?

Horse race betting is an acquired taste. It runs through families but sometimes, people stumble upon the game by chance. For inexperienced betters who are nevertheless enthusiastic, the field can be hard to navigate. But with a lot of research, knowledge about the horse and jockey and a bit of sheer luck, you are much better off to bet. If you’re still finding it hard and always end up ‘gambling’ your money away with no payoffs, horse racing tipsters can also be of help. In either case, there are a couple of things all amateurs need to avoid.

Handicap races

Handicap races are always more popular. In these games, horses are fitted with baggage according to their skill. This is done to ‘level the playing field’ so each horse has an equal chance of winning the game. These games are also a favourite of bookers because of high profits. But they are impossibly difficult to predict so people should avoid these when betting on a race.

Small or big fields

Small fields are demotivating for even the hottest horse on the track. Often, the hype dies down pretty soon when it turns out the race isn’t an elaborate affair spread over an appropriate distance to let out the steam. On the other hand, fields that are too big aren’t too easy to bet on either. The horse’s pace fluctuates throughout the track, which makes the outcome highly unpredictable. The race track should be long enough to stimulate the horse’s momentum and small enough to maintain it.

Exotic wagers

There are two basic types of wagers in horse-betting. Straight and exotic. Straight wagers are when you bet on a horse to come in first, second or third in the game. Exotic wagers are more exciting and refer to betting on different horses at the same time. While more attractive than a straight bet, exotic wagers are harder to win. They should be avoided until one has gained the level of skill and competence required to place an expensive bet on multiple horses.


Human vs machine

Always go to human tellers. They can guide you if you’re confused and almost always operational (no joke!). In the case of automatic tellers, there are often long lines because someone doesn’t know how to operate the machine or someone is making a complicated exotic wager, slowing down the process. And at times, once you finally make it past the hundreds of people, there may not be enough time to place a bet or gasp! The machine stops working.

All that glitters is not gold

Horse racing is fun because of the possibility of making fast cash. No wonder they call it the most exciting two minutes. Often people bet on a horse based on how good or fit it looks. Please don’t do that. The most attractive horse isn’t going to win a race, but a horse at a good class with a good jockey probably will. Even if it doesn’t look like the sharpest tool in the shed!


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