What on Earth is happening to the Dock Chaplains?


Sunday Nights at The Dock… This Sunday (1st February) at 6pm… all will be revealed!

The team of Dock Chaplains has been a reasonably stable entity ever since it formed in the early days of The Dock… six of us from six different church backgrounds, united by the adventure of Life in the Titanic Quarter and all happy to chat with anyone and everyone over a cuppa in Dock Cafe.

8513284498_62973a939d_zBut 2015 is our year of change… one of us, Finian, is moving on to a new post in Dublin – although his moving date has been postponed by a few weeks so all our lamenting and wailing last week was a bit premature!  It gives us a chance to say a proper farewell to him at this Sunday night’s service.

And then… not one, not two, but three of us are starting new businesses or embarking on crazy ideas in the coming weeks.  For all of us, that will mean leaving a life of  being responsible for a local parish church.  But for all of us, it doesn’t mean leaving The Dock or stepping down from being a Dock Chaplain.  But the means of providing our ‘daily bread’ is going to look very different.

photoSo I’d love you to come and hear all about our crazy ideas at the service on Sunday night.  You’ve already had some hints that there will be trams, flying objects and honesty boxes involved.  (But thankfully not at the same time – a Flying Tram paid for by an Honesty Box does not sound like a sensible business investment.  Although, there’s an idea…)

SN-a1And of course as always there will be worship, coffee, time to chill and time to pray, all safe and snug in our beloved cosy cafe.  Our wild creative ideas, we believe, are rooted in a wild creative God and we want to give thanks – particularly for the especially mad idea (coming up on three years ago now) that an Honesty Box Cafe might ever be a success!  What were we thinking?!

See you there!





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