Especially in this digital age, everyone is looking for ways to make easy money. The good news is, there are dozens of sports betting sites that you can rely on to make an extra buck. In betting, it’s not about luck. It’s more about putting your money where your mouth is. Now, whether you are a seasoned bettor or are just trying out your luck, picking the right sport, game, or match is the first step to making a successful bet. But there’s more to betting on sports than meets the eye. First and foremost, you’ll need to do your homework regarding the best sports games to bet on. This is where this article will come in handy. 

Below is a rollout on the most profitable sports to bet on.

1. Soccer

Soccer, or football, as it is popularly called in Europe, is perhaps the most celebrated sports in the world, with its fan base totaling over 3 billion. For this reason, it’s one of the most profitable sports bettors earn from. Soccer leagues consist of fewer games, but despite this, there are games to bet on all year round from across the globe. Soccer results are characterized by low scores. In soccer, it’s not about the points – as you’ll realize the disparity later on – but the scores that determine bet placing. Now, any smart bettor will tell you that matched betting is the most profitable way to bet in soccer and the fun part is that it’s as easy as you may want it to be.

2. Basketball

So, why should you bet on basketball? Well, for starters, you’ll never run of games to bet on. This is because a single season of NBA has 1230 games. Sounds like a lot right? You can always make up for money lost in previous games. In addition to this, basketball is also a popular game worldwide. But to become an expert bettor in basketball, you’ll want to consider betting on the underdog leagues. It’s one of the strategies the most successful bettors use and if you need more help here, all you need is a working internet connection to find the most recommended matches as well as free and premium betting tips online. Choosing a good bookmaker is key in profiting the most out of basketball betting. An expert bookmaker will provide you with information on the best matches to bet on, sites where you can find the best odds, how to strategically place your bets and much more.

3. Major Baseball Leagues (MLB)

There is a huge disparity between baseball and soccer. This has to do with the total games in a single baseball league. For instance, a single MLB season has 162 games with a participation of 30 teams. One thing to note, however, baseball is a major sport in the US but doesn’t receive a lot of attention overseas. So if you are an American citizen, chances are that you already know how popular baseball is within your borders. To place your bets on baseball, you’ll need more than a rabbit’s foot to make big money. Here’s how to make easy money when betting on baseball games:

  • Check the weather
  • Opt for volume betting
  • Avoid placing your bet on a favorite team
  • Don’t go with the majority – more often than not, the minority wins and the public loses
  • Go after reverse line movement

4. Hockey

Like basketball, hockey has 1230 games in a single season. While you have all these games to bet with, you need to have a winning betting strategy. The first thing you want to do is get the best odds. Unlike in soccer where wins are determined by scores, basketball, football, and hockey games are determined by points. You, therefore, need to be precise in your predictions and for you to make big money, open accounts in different betting sites so you can compare odds.

A word on discipline 

Betting on sports is a tough business. But there are people making a living off of sports betting and loving it. Of course, betting on sports comes with huge benefits but so are the risks. To be clear, you don’t want sportsbooks to make money from your mistakes. Betting is also addictive and requires a lot of discipline. To help you out, here are strategies on becoming the best betting in sports:


  • Do not rely on a hunch, do your homework
  • Bet while sober-minded
  • Always have a fall back plan
  • Keep a record of all your bets – wins and losses
  • Be realistic
  • Find an expert bettors you can rely on for betting tips

Becoming successful in sports betting heavily relies on developing a positive mindset and having realistic expectations. Not every game will go your way so when you lose, don’t dwell on what you lost for too long and when you win, celebrate briefly and get back at it. Most importantly, betting isn’t for everyone. If you find yourself on a cold streak more often than you think you should, you might as well think of finding another hobby! 


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