What are the Features of Casual Dating in the UK?

Singles in the UK aren’t strangers to casual dating. However, dating without commitment in the UK looks much different than in the rest of the world. British dating culture is the reason for that. Even while dating casually, British men are still gentlemen, and don’t forget they are coming from a noble country. Modern influences changed British dating etiquette, but it only became better. Let’s see what happened.

An Overview of British Dating Culture

British men know they have the blood of knights in their veins, and they act like that while dating. They are very protective of their dates, even if they’re dating casually. They know how to be supportive towards their ladies too. Still, they prefer independent women who can take care of themselves. Being an adult who pays his bills is a huge plus in the eyes of British singles and an important part of their dating culture.

Although men are still protective toward ladies in the UK, gender equality is obvious because couples make all decisions together. Also, it’s not unusual for girls to pay for drinks or dinner because British men are man enough to hurt their egos.

How to Casually Meet in the UK

There are a couple of ways to start dating casually in the UK. Some are more efficient than the rest. Some are good for one kind of people, but can’t help the rest, and vice versa. Clubs are popular hunting grounds for singles seeking casual dating, but that’s not for everybody. Crowds and approaching singles in person make some people happy while others can’t imagine being in the club for longer than 10 minutes. Meeting singles in pubs is a bit easier because there are fewer people, so it’s easier to relax and make the first move.

However, the simplest way to meet people for casual dating in the UK is to join casual dating sites. It’s possible to send a message to someone looking for casual relationships on sites like that because singles join to have fun. That helps people who have trouble with approaching singles in person to make contact. It’s easier to exit from the comfort zone on a site where everybody wants the same thing than in some crowded club. People go to clubs to dance, not necessarily to find dates, but all of them join casual dating sites to get the same thing. Such sites are equally popular among women and men and aren’t reserved only for straight casual dating. Most sites are open for LGBTQ members, but users of different sexual orientations never see each other online, thanks to the modern matchmaking algorithms.

Etiquette and Behavior on a Casual Date

Casual date in the UK looks a bit different than a casual date in any other country. Let’s see why.

  • It doesn’t happen over a cup of coffee. Tea is the king in the UK.
  • British singles dress to impress. They don’t care about brands, but having style is mandatory. Showing that style on a casual date is a big plus for men and women.
  • Tea might be the ‘king’, but beer is the ‘queen’, sometimes. It helps a couple relax, leads to talking about exciting topics, and doing exciting things.
  • Girls don’t mind paying for drinks or anything else on a casual date. They want to show they don’t need men, but they want them and can get them. British men find that very attractive.

The UK is a special country in many ways. Their casual dating is different from casual dating around the world because it’s classy and filled with sexual energy at the same time. If you’ve never been to the UK, that’s the reason to book a flight now.


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