Everyone is looking for ways to make money. While some settle for stable jobs that cover their bills, others are looking for unconventional ways to make money all the while still pursuing their passion. However, many have found it to be a difficult decision – would you choose money over passion, or pursue your passion even if you don’t make enough money?

Well, what if you can do both? That’s the dream, after all. But we’re here to tell you that it can become a reality. In fact, if your dream is to have a career in the fashion industry, you can pursue your passion – while still making a good amount of money! You just need to know where and how to start, and we’re here to help. 

Ways to Earn Money Fashionably

Here are 8 ways you can make money fashionably:

Sell wholesale items

If you’re a manufacturer in the fashion industry, selling your items through a whole channel via existing retailers can rid you of all the marketing and sales nuisances of the business. This channel will you get you the exposure and customers that you need, instead of having to reinvent the wheel and waiting months to make any money. 

On the other hand, making a deal with wholesale manufacturers and selling their products can provide a big margin of profit for you. You’ll be getting their products in bulk and at much cheaper prices than that of the average market – which spells money for you. In reselling wholesale items, you can go the extra mile in presenting your items fashionably to attract customers; for instance, if you are selling sunglasses and want them to appear as appealing as possible to your targeted customers, you can learn more by clicking here and get ideas about how to display your collection of sunglasses in a fashionable way. Instead of stocking the glasses on shelves, you can choose from a wide array of display solutions in different shapes, materials, and sizes – all to fit your needs for exceptional design of the display. 

Sell fashionable secondhand items

If you’re always on top of the trends when it comes to fashion, you’ll find that your wardrobe quickly gets over-cramped. The great news is that you can totally use this to your advantage! Recently, there has been a great demand for fashionable secondhand clothes, encouraged by the emergence of fashion apps and the buy and sell groups and pages on social media platforms. You can make money from the comfort of your own home, selling clothes you no longer need. 

Start a YouTube vlog

YouTube Vlogging is growing rapidly. What makes it so popular is the ease of creating and sharing content on YouTube, and if you get lucky, you might just go viral. That means you could be expecting the big bucks. Before deciding to start a YouTube vlog, you should understand that the competition out there is definitely strong – so what will your niche be? What are you best at? After conducting a quick competitor analysis, you can start your vlog with a wide variety of niches: starting from makeup tutorials, hair styling, fashion trends, and DIY hacks and solutions. 

Start a fashion blog on Instagram

The same applies when starting a fashion blog on Instagram, with the advantage of being able to post still-pictures, stories, and videos alike. By remaining consistent with your posts and content, you’ll be able to build your fan base bit by bit. Establishing your portfolio as a fashion blogger on Instagram can be just what you need to get the exposure and attention you need for bigger opportunities in the fashion industry. 

Ways to Earn Money Fashionably

Become a representative for brands

Making your way into the fashion industry can feel overwhelming. After all, there’s no shortage in models nowadays, especially with the accessibility of the internet. However, if you’ve found your way into YouTube or Instagram success and you want to take your business to the next level, then a great step would be to become a brand representative. You should target brands that you regularly wear in your daily life, that way, you can fit their products easily into your blog. 

Become a life model

If you’re a lucky individual who’s got a great taste for fashion and a ravishing physique, then becoming a Life Model might be what you’ve been dreaming about all of your life. You’ll need to let people know you’re out there, which means you’ll have to do two things: firstly, reach out to them and build a portfolio to attract potential clients. You can also target certain niches in the fashion industry that align with your passion. If you’re an athlete who likes to do acrobats, free-running, or sports, you’ll be able to combine your passion for sports with modeling for design agencies, sports brands, or even the latest tech fashion for health. 

Write catalogs

Don’t feel overwhelmed if you’re a fashionable individual who leans more towards introversion. You can still find your way and make it big in the fashion business – without having to be in front of a camera. Instead, you’ll share your insights through writing copies and catalogs for fashion designers and brands. And the only thing you’ll need is the power of your words to earn good money!

Consider becoming a personal stylist

Have you ever considered becoming a personal stylist? If you’re one of those fashionable individuals who pays attention to detail, then it’s unfair to the rest of the world if you were to keep your secrets to yourself. You can start small; just gather round your friends and family members and give them simple tips on how to color coordinate their clothes, enhance their makeup look, or pick out the fitting accessories to match their outfit. Once you feel you’ve got enough training and you’re ready to go big, you do just that!

Perhaps the chances of hitting the red carpet are slim, but that doesn’t mean you have no way of making it into the fashion industry. You’ll find that there are many ways to make money fashionably, and it can be through selling wholesale items or your fashionable secondhand clothes. Establishing yourself and your business for potential clients can be through creating a successful YouTube Vlog or an Instagram Fashion Blog, and seeking out the brands of which you hope to represent. Other ways to pursue your passion can be through becoming a life model, writing catalogs, or becoming a personal stylist. So, now nothing can stand in the way of making your dreams a reality!


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