Following last year’s sell out run of Chatroom, Apollo Arts are back at the East Side Arts Festival with VERONICA’S ROOM – (a chilling mystery by the author of Rosemary’s Baby, The Boys From Brazil and Deathtrap) that explores the thin line between fantasy and reality, madness and murder.

Ira Levin’s Veronica’s Room is a harrowing labyrinth of suspense, entwining fantasy and reality. The story begins in 1973; Susan has been enticed to the Brabissant mansion by a charming, elderly Irish couple who are struck by Susan’s strong resemblance to Veronica, the long-dead daughter of the family for whom they work. Veronica’s room has been untouched by time and has been left exactly as it was in 1935. The mystery deepens as twist after twist unravels the frail threads of reality. Is it 1973 or 1935?  Will Susan ever leave Veronica’s room?

Veronica’s Room is Directed Nathan Jones, newly appointed Creative Director of Apollo Arts.  Earlier this year Nathan Directed the hugely successful musical Chicago at Belfast’s Crescent Arts Centre.  “Veronica’s Room looks at fantasy through reality and will make you question the difference between sanity and insantity”, explains Nathan.  “As an audience member you are equally responsible for the turn of events that lie within and you will find yourself literally in the middle of the action”.

You can catch Veronica’s Room at Apollo Arts Theatre, 16 Castlereagh Road, Belfast on 8th & 9th August. To book tickets click here –

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