Step Back in Time: The Day Verne Troyer Went Bowling in Belfast

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Verne Troyer Belfast

When it comes to a clash of reality and fantasy, Verne Troyer is a man who resides in the epicentre of the storm. The diminutive Hollywood star came to public prominence as the sadistic sidekick of the hapless villain Dr Evil in Austin Powers. However, as anyone who has ever met Mr. Troyer will testify to, he couldn’t be any different from Mini Me in real life.

Although it’s been a while since Troyer was in Belfast, the mark he left on some of the city’s most vulnerable young adults will last a lifetime. During the filming of the Keith Lemon: The Movie, Troyer was in town and decided to take some time out to help the less fortunate. Being an ambassador for the Best Buddies organisation, Troyer took stepped away from filming to share some laughs at Odyssey Bowl.

Belfast City Airport
Belfast City Airport

A Crazy Casino Boss

Now, for anyone that’s seen Troyer in the latest series of TV adverts for bgo Casino, you’d be forgiven for thinking that he isn’t a fan of losing. Indeed, in his latest casino showdown the American sees his leadership challenged by Paris Hilton. Each vying to become the boss of bgo Casino, tensions naturally start to flare as the competition progresses; however, this version of Verne is far removed from the one Belfast knows.

They say that once you take an actor off set they’re like a different person and this was true when Troyer bowled some balls at Odyssey Bowl. Aside from treating the group of young adults to dinner and a few frames of bowling, Troyer offered some words of advice to the youngsters. Instead of throwing a tantrum when he lost, Troyer told the group that they can do anything they set their mind to regardless of their impediments.

Photo: Press eye
Photo: Press eye

An Inspiration for All

Using his own life as an example, Troyer emphasised that adversity and difference are valuable assets in life. Indeed, after the event, one of the participants explained that the experience gave him a fresh outlook on life.

“Verne says anything is possible. He is different like me and when I hear all the things he has done, I now want to do fab things as well,” said Jamie Lee.

Of course, to see Troyer do his thing on screen or to read certain tabloid reports about his social life you’d assume he was the last person you’d want advising your children. However, on that eventual day at Belfast’s Odyssey Bowl back in 2011 he proved that what he see on screen or read in the papers isn’t always true.

Separating Fantasy from Reality

Fantasy and reality occupy different ends of life’s spectrum and it can often be easy to confuse the two sometimes. Fortunately, certain Belfast residents got a firsthand view of Troyer in 2011 and couldn’t fail to see that his media persona is nowhere close to his real life persona. Anyone that took part in the Best Buddies event will know that the Hollywood star is a genuine, caring individual with an inspiring story and not the angry, vengeful character he often plays on screen and that’s why he’s welcome back to Belfast any time he likes.