Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Office Chair

When people work, they intend to do it with some bit of comfort. Statistically speaking, if you work 40 hours a week, you would have spent about 1900 hours working at the end of the year. 

It doesn’t end there. Now, have that number multiplied by the average number of years a person spends working. You would be amazed that a person spends a significant portion of their life on an office chair. For this reason,  it is essential to get the right office chairs even though people are willing to spend more on an office desk than a chair.

Countless studies show how productive and efficient one can be when sitting on a supportive office chair. Moreover, people always complain about the back strain and leg problems when sitting on a bad office chair. This can affect productivity and efficiency, which aren’t in any way ideal. 

So, without hitting too much on the importance of having a good office chair, let’s discuss some useful tips in choosing the right office chairs. 

Tips to look out for when choosing the right office chairs 

This article is not to keep you on edge but rather give you an insight into selecting the right office chair. As most of the time, people or office managers don’t take time to look for individual specifications before acquiring an office chair.  Still, there are so many important reasons to acquire a good chair for the office, starting from preventing back strain to simple comfort and increased productivity. One of the stands out benefits of having a good office chair is that fatigue and discomfort are prevented due to prolonged sitting position. 

Lumbar support

Do you care about your back? Then you should be on the lookout for an office chair that will give out support to the lower back. Some of the latest ones are adjustable to help the user fit the chair properly to support their back. 


When shopping for an office chair, you shouldn’t focus too much on arm adjustments, and the chair height as most of the office chairs all have this available. However, a good office chair can have up to 14 different kinds of adjustments. It would interest you to know that most of the supports are dialed controlled, while a few others are done with a handheld pump. Both are straightforward in their operations and require minimum fuss. 


Most office chairs are wheel-based. But it wouldn’t be ideal to use such in an office on a carpet, but rather it is advisable to purchase the one which supports carpet floors. Also, when working, it is almost inevitable to want to stretch to reach a file, or document, or whatever the case may be. This is why rolling can not be overlooked. 


Another useful tip to help you in getting the right office chair is the fabric. It is essentially important to have a breathable material to eliminate any form of hotness or discomfort which usually occurs after prolonged spells of sitting. Getting an office chair with enough cushion can not be overemphasized as comfort is very important, especially when working.  

Swivel Base

A good office chair should swivel freely as this makes it possible to rotate and have access to parts of the desk. Avoid purchasing the ones who don’t swivel freely, as doing so could result in arm fatigue, which means you would have been overextending to get a hold of items.

Furthermore, office managers should be willing or somewhat open to the idea of having their employees try out the office chair they plan to purchase. Doing so would ensure that the employee is duly comfortable and that alone is a positive aspect on the employees’ side. 

Lastly, no one wants to spend lots of hours being in discomfort or suffering from fatigue, which is why having a good office chair should be in your focus. Some of the effects of sitting for long periods on a bad office chair might not manifest immediately, but the consequences would come out in due time. Our spines can take only so much before gravity inevitably starts causing issues.

With all the information gathered in this article, deciding to purchase an office chair should be much less of an issue. When it comes jusz+t to the sheer amount of time we spend sitting down, finding a great office chair is a must. So, waste no time and get the right office chairs and see how productive and efficient you would turn out to be. 

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