Dance music event with Ulster Orchestra was ‘just Lush!’ 


– Lush! Twenty – 20 Years of Dance Music Classics performed by the Ulster Orchestra deemed ‘Off the Scale’ –

It was one of the most hotly anticipated dance music events ever held in Northern Ireland. And it did not fail to deliver.

A 70-piece classical orchestra, accompanied by some of the biggest DJ’s on the planet with live vocalists playing Lush! floor fillers from the past 20 years….and they absolutely nailed it.

A sold-out show with over 5,000 people aged 18 to 60 brought together, dancing to songs such as Silence, Insomnia, and Skydive.

Lush! Twenty – 20 Years of Dance Music Classics performed by the Ulster Orchestra has been deemed an overwhelming success with over 4,000 comments on social media, many calling for a date for the next event.

The event was held in the SSE Arena on Saturday (15th October) in honour of the legendary nightclub, Lush! at Kellys, Portrush, in celebration of its 20th anniversary with this one-off musical extravaganza.

The show was produced by Kylie Minogue’s musical director, Steve Anderson, with the pop super-star’s full sound team in attendance. The DJs included co-producer of the show, Dave Seaman, world-renowned Seb Fontaine and the legendary Col Hamilton, co-founder of Lush! who originally came up with the idea to organise the show.

Col Hamilton said: “Tonight has undoubtedly been one of the best events we have ever had the pleasure of organising.

“Throughout the night, I had to pinch myself at times, that we were in the midst of an event which stemmed from listening to the unbelievable night at the Royal Albert Hall at the BBC Proms.

“The music was truly magical, I want to thank Steve Anderson, Dave Seaman and Cliff Masterson for doing such a wonderful job – to see 5,000 people go nuts in the SSE Arena to songs that we have enjoyed in Lush! For the past 20 years, performed on stringed instruments with live vocalists was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“The Orchestra were out-of-this-world, they put their heart and soul into the show and it showed what an amazing, talented group of musicians they really are.

“The DJs were in top form and the vocalists gave the show another level –  the vibe in the room was absolutely electric.”

Steve Anderson, Kylie Minogue’s musical director described Saturday night as “Surreal, brilliant, emotional, uplifting and perfectly executed by the most incredible team – for all that worked on the show we can’t thank you enough.

“To witness over 5,000 people screaming , singing and dancing to the soundtrack of their lives was something very special.

“If you had told the 23 year old versions of David Seaman and myself that this is what we would get to do in the future we would never have believed it, and I am so proud of Cliff Masterson for his epic score for the Ulster Orchestra…it was one of the best nights of our lives.”

Dave Seaman, British dance music DJ and record producer said: “This event was an absolute joy to be a part of and I am thrilled with the Belfast response. We had people fly in from all over the world to be there and I am so happy to say that it didn’t fail to deliver. The Ulster Orchestra are amazing and deserve to be congratulated for this.”

World renowned DJ, Seb Fontaine,  continued: Saturdaynight was off the scale for dance events – and was one of the best organised nights I have seen in a long time. The Belfast crowd definitely know how to enjoy themselves. Lush has always been close to my heart, so to be part of the 20 year Classics was very special indeed.”

Peter Wilson, owner of Lush! And Kellys Complex in Portrush said: “I am proud that we managed to pull of this event, which from the feedback so far has been a huge success. It took a year of planning, a lot of hard graft from Col and the team and for that I want to thank them and everyone who worked tirelessly on this to make it what it was.

Peter concluded, “What to do next is the big question….watch this space!”