UK’s 5 Best CBD Edibles for 2020


The popularity of CBD edibles can be overwhelming for beginners. You can find shops selling dozens of brands all along High Street so where do you even begin? From capsules to gummies to chocolates, and more, there is a flavour of CBD edible for everyone! Let’s take a closer look at what CBD edibles are, what they can do for you and your health, how to know you’re buying the best quality, and get you started with the top 5 brands in the UK now. 

What Are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are food products, often candies that contain CBD oil. This sounds very straightforward, however there can be a lot of variety within them. Because legalization is still relatively new, there is not a lot of oversight in the industry as of yet. For this reason, every company and product can contain different amounts of CBD as well as different types of CBD or additives, making it your responsibility to read ingredients and ensure you’re getting what is being advertised. (We’ll explore this more later.) This is why it is important to learn a little about CBD first so you can feel confident in your choice.  

How Do CBD Edibles Work?

CBD edibles are a delivery mechanism for CBD oil. The CBD is ingested through the edible, then as it is digested, it enters the bloodstream and takes effect. Because the CBD must first be broken down by the digestive system, it takes approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours before any CBD effects take place. Additionally, the CBD remains active in the body for much longer compared to other methods of ingestion.

What are the Benefits of CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are easy to take, delicious, and easily accessible. But why even bother buying them? Although research on CBD is still largely in its infancy, there have been numerous studies that have shown positive benefits to taking CBD. Studies have shown that CBD can help ease pain, reduce anxiety and depression, and aid in better sleep. The degree to which CBD can help with these conditions is dependent on many things, including dose, your personal genetics and metabolism, the type of CBD (meaning if there’s added supplements like melatonin or other herbs), bioavailability, and method of consumption. 

Pain Relief

Cannabis has been used as a pain reliever for millenia. Anecdotally, there are tonnes of people across cultures and generations that praise cannabis for its ability to relieve pain. Up until fairly recently, this has been mostly focused on cannabis that contains both CBD and THC, however, we’re now finding that CBD on its own is still beneficial as an anti-inflammatory. Being a natural anti-inflammatory, CBD inhibits the hormone prostaglandin. Prostaglandins are a group of hormonal lipids that get activated when you are injured or ill. When you experience an injury, your body produces prostaglandins at the site of the injury, which creates swelling, regulates blood flow and even causes fever and pain to initiate the healing process in the body. Using CBD edibles will provide long-term pain relief thanks to the method of delivery. Remember, CBD edibles take approximately 90 minutes to two hours to take effect, but tend to last anywhere between 4-6 hours. 

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common disabilities globally. Let’s face it, 2020 has not been easy and there has been a marked uptick in depression and anxiety during the pandemic. CBD has been tested quite extensively as a possible treatment option for depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety are still a bit of a mystery to scientists, however we do know that some key neurotransmitters are involved in the process; serotonin, cortisol, GABA, and faulty mood regulation. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for these processes so it makes sense that CBD could have impacts on the symptoms of these diseases. As I mentioned above, CBD affects GABA by binding to it and enhancing its function. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) are a common class of antidepressant. They work by inhibiting the natural breakdown of serotonin in the body. CBD has a similar effect to SSRIs. CBD directly activates the serotonin receptor which is what leads to a calming effect. CBD edibles are a great way to easily dose throughout the day in order to achieve long lasting relief from anxious thoughts and feelings and boost your mood. 


A good night’s sleep is invaluable and yet so many of us can’t seem to catch enough restful zzz’s. Lack of sleep can cause all sorts of problems from moodiness, fatigue, slowed reaction times and poor motor control, to mental health disorders and even heart disease. There are many potential causes to sleeplessness, though CBD may help treat many of them including stress, pain, anxiety, and depression. In one study, CBD was shown to have an impact on people suffering from REM sleep behavior disorder, a sleep disorder in which the REM cycle is faulty and it leads to nightmares and unrestful sleep. CBD may also help treat some forms of narcolepsy as it has been shown to improve daytime sleepiness. Research is still pending on how CBD can help boost wakefulness, however there is much anecdotal evidence supporting that dosing with CBD oil can give the mind a boost of energy and wakefulness. CBD edibles can easily be added to a nighttime routine, something that sleep researchers have noted is important to have in order to have consistent restful sleep. Because the CBD edibles take longer to activate, you can take your edible, brush your teeth, and read a few chapters of your book before being whisked away to dreamland. 

Best CBD Edibles in the UK

Now that you’re more comfortable about the uses and benefits of CBD, let’s take a look at 5 of the best CBD edibles available in the UK.

ZenBears CBD Gummies

ZenBears CBD gummies are perfect for those looking to de-stress and unwind after a long day. They’re THC-free, vegan-friendly, and come in delicious natural fruit flavours. Each jar contains 30 gummy bears which are each individually coated with 20 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, providing you with a wide range of beneficial compounds. Made in the UK, the broad spectrum CBD is extracted using the gold strand C02 extraction process from hemp grown using the purest organic farming practises. Each jar of ZenBears comes with a batch number which you can use to look up the specific third-party lab report ensuring your product contains the advertised levels of cannabinoid and is safe from toxins.

CBD Shopy Capsules

Second on our list are vegan-friendly, UK-made CBD capsules from CBD Shopy one of the UK’s leading CBD brands with over 500 reviews on trustpilot. Each vegan capsule contains 10mg of CBD, CBDa (known as cannabidiolic acid, CBDa is raw, unheated CBD), and MCT oil. Harvested from organic and non-GMO hemp farms across Europe, the final capsules are manufactured in the UK in an ISO-certified facility. Each bottle comes with a batch number so you can easily look up the third-party testing results and know your product is free from THC, impurities, and toxicities like heavy metals or pesticides. 

Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Honey

Adding CBD to your daily routine doesn’t have to feel pharmaceutical. Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Honey is the perfect way to add a touch of CBD and CBDa to your morning routine. Adding a spoonful of raw hemp honey to your coffee or tea will provide you with all the benefits as well as a delicious and familiar taste. Crafted by artisanal beekeepers in Lithuania, Holistic Hemp Scotland CBD Honey is an ethical product that provides full health benefits of raw, unpasteurised  honey and low-heated hemp. Each teaspoon contains approximately 10mg of CBDa and CBD and this product is versatile enough to be used in baking, glazes, or just eaten raw. Each batch has a certificate of analysis for your safety. 

Love Hemp CBD Jelly Domes

If you’re looking for a higher dose, look no further than Love Hemp CBD Jelly Domes. These gluten free and vegan gummies come in 10mg, 25mg, and 50mg per gummy doses. With flavours like tropical, strawberry, orange, and raspberry, adding these to your routine will be effortless. Cultivated from hemp farms in the US, Love Hemp CBD Jelly Domes uses the freshest crops and monitors the manufacturing process from start to finish to ensure a high quality product reaches your hands. All third-party certificates are viewable so you know exactly what goes into each one.

Hempura CBD Chocolate

Chocolate lovers, I know you’re out there! If you’re looking for a delicious chocolate fix that will also boost your mood and relax you after a stressful meeting, look no further than Hempura CBD chocolate. These white chocolate delights contain 10mg of CBD and are easily halved for smaller doses.Each batch has certified third-party testing certificate that is easily searchable on their database.  A unique feature about these CBD edibles is that they melt under your tongue, meaning the dose of CBD you are ingesting is actually sublingual (under the tongue) and therefore faster acting than other edibles which need to go through the digestion process first. So if you’re looking for a faster acting option, Hepura CBD chocolate is the right CBD edible for you!

How To Select The Right CBD Edible

Because the CBD industry is relatively new due to its recent legalisation, there are still a lot of gaps in terms of regulation which means opportunities for scammers. There are a few simple steps you can take to protect yourself from buying fraudulent or unsafe products.

Third-Party Testing Certificates

All reputable CBD companies will provide you with a third-party testing certificate that shows their product is safe, contains no THC or non-detectable levels of THC (ND-THC) of <0.03%. Additionally, you want to look for the CBD content as well because some businesses out there are selling oils and products that do not actually contain any CBD, just hemp extract, which is not the same. This third-party certificate should be from a lab that is not owned by the company and it should have a corresponding batch number so you can see that your product batch was tested. These certificates are free and most reputable companies will post them directly for viewing or download on their websites as it is a positive selling feature for their customers. If you don’t see one, ask. If they can’t provide one, do not buy it,

Ingredients Lists

I mentioned bioavailability earlier as an important factor in how CBD doses will affect your body. What is bioavailability? Simply put, it is how fast a supplement can be metabolised by your body to be used. CBD is a fat soluble molecule, meaning it requires fat to be carried into the body. This is why you will see CBD oil and edibles containing various types of oil. Popular ones include MCT oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, and sunflower oil. There are many more and each oil has its own merits and choosing the one you use is entirely up to your preference. What you want to be sure of is that there are no other ingredients present that you don’t recognize. Additionally, some CBD oil and edibles will include other herbal ingredients to enhance the effects of the CBD. It is important to take note of these ingredients to ensure they do not counteract with any medications you take or conditions you currently have. You should always talk to your doctor prior to adding any health supplement to your body as unintended effects can occur.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have been introduced to the wonderful world of CBD edibles, you have all the tools necessary to have a positive experience with CBD. Whether you’re looking for a better night’s sleep, pain relief, or a boost to your mood, there is a CBD edible out there for you. Have fun experimenting with different flavours and treats and always remember to check your ingredients and third-party testing results!

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