Try Painting Your Own Eggs this Easter

The tradition of decorating eggs is still very alive in my own country and Eastern Europe. You can find Easter eggs in every home. I remember that dying eggs was very fun when I was a kid. It was so special to paint eggs together with all family members!

Easter eggs can be dyed in a single colour or in patterns.

The most beautiful eggs are those painted with wax. A stick is dipped in hot wax and then patterns with the stick are painted on a warm egg. When the painting with wax is completed, the egg is dipped in dye. Later the egg is placed into hot water for wax to melt.

easter eggs waxMarguciai2._2007-04-21

Another way of decorating Easter eggs is scraping with a knife.

easter egg scraped

Both dying with wax and scraping with a knife are difficult ways to decorate Easter eggs. My mother and I have tried these techniques, but we were not very good at this…:)

Natural dying materials were popular in the past, today dye for Easter eggs is sold in shops. But some people still use natural plant dye. The most popular way to dye eggs in Lithuania is using onion peel.

I used onion peel and dye I had bought in a shop. To make patterns I used plants. I put them on eggs, so plants left prints. Here are some photos of the process:

making easter eggs 1
Preparation for Easter eggs dying
making easter eggs 2
I used onion peel and plants
making easter eggs 3
Eggs boiling with onion peel

And here are the resultsDSCF1271


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