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Top 6 Must-Carry Travel Accessories and Gadgets

When it comes to traveling, certain accessories are essential to ensure that the journey is comfortable and danger-free. However, most of us loathe packing, and as a result, we end up forgetting to include the items we really need. Having the latest technology at your fingertips while traveling shouldn’t necessarily mean weighing down your suitcase. With this article we will give you a list of the 6-must have travel accessories and gadgets that will make your next trip more relaxed and enjoyable.

Protective Equipment – Surgical Masks & Sanitizers

Traveling, locally or internationally when possible, requires having some essential protective accessories like hand sanitizers face masks available at all times. Other necessary protective measures while traveling include maintaining a distance of 2 meters when possible, limiting contact with surfaces, avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth, and washing your hands as often as possible.

The current coronavirus pandemic travel regulations require everyone to stay at home and only travel if there are permitted reasons to do so. Hopefully we are at the end of the pandemic and we will soon be able to go back travelling again but until then we have to try as much as possible to stay indoors and only leave when necessary. The pandemic has raised awareness about the importance of proper hygiene and the need to sanitize bacteria, viruses, and germs at all times and that is something we will have to continue doing. With most parts of the world transitioning from one lockdown to another, planning for vacations has become overwhelmingly tricky but wearing a mask and maintaining hygiene precautions are of highest importance regardless of destination.

Convertible Backpack

Flying budget airlines often mean you need to send your bags with a luggage courier and board the plane with only carry-on luggage. Even so, finding the right bag that fits the luggage allowance policy of the airline is sometimes a daunting task. With that said, packing shouldn’t have to be so tedious and boring if you spend some time finding the right bag. You need to consider factors such as design preference, personal style, and needs to make the trip worthwhile. For example, Samsara is an excellent option for those looking for a James Bond look and feel.

However, if your taste is different, maybe due to your vacation/holiday being short, a durable, slim, compatible, and carry-on approved convertible bag is what you need. There is a wide variety of options to choose from, with most brands offering versatile designs that allow them to be switched from briefcase to shoulder bag seconds. What’s more, these bags have adequate space and compartments for your work and all essential tech so that you are always organized.

Smartphones, Tablets & Hotspot

There was a time that carrying phones and tablets seemed too much. That was not until magazine and newspaper apps were introduced. Instead of budgeting for more than five pounds of reading paper before boarding into a plane, today, I only need to download these materials to a smart device.  This raises the question of connectivity to the internet and the need of a mobile phone antenna booster. Well, depending on the type of your smart device, a mobile hotspot is much more efficient than your pricey data or sketchy public Wi-Fi signals that are sometimes marred by insecurity issues.

Ergonomic Pillow

Travelling is meant to be fun and relaxing, right? The smart designs of inflatable pillows help you relax both mentally and physically during your trip. Their compact and comfortable designs make your journey stress-free as you cannot fall forward when you’re using them. They are convenient for both adults and children and is perfect for any medium of travel you intend to use or relax, including trains, airplanes, camping vehicles, cars, buses, wheelchairs, among others

Universal Adapters

A travel adaptor is a must-carry item under the current circumstances in the world. Gone are the days of thrashing your travel bags before making an international trip in search of an adaptor. Since all countries do not use the same outlets, carrying your universal adapter may come in handy if you need to charge you electrical gadgets such as a camera, laptop, smartphone, and other essential accessories. The all-in-one adaptors offer adequate options to make sure that you never run out of charge no matter where you land on our beautiful planet.

Filtered Water Bottle

Regardless of the source, filtered water bottles provide instant access to safe water no matter where you’ve traveled in the world. Whether you are using the water purifier bottle to filter bad odor such as chlorine or looking to purify the water for safety, these bottles are a must-carry accessory to prevent health problems caused by water contamination. Suppose you are looking to venture into remote locations such as Central America, the Middle East, Africa, or Asia. In that case, it is especially important to carry filtered bottles because these locations are well-known for their unsafe tap water.



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