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Tom Smyth Belfast – 4 Reasons to Choose Dream Apartments for Your Next Business Trip

The accommodation that you choose when embarking on a business trip will be a significant factor in determining what kind of experience you have. Anyone with extensive experience of business trips will know what a nightmare it can be to have to spend weeks, even months, in dingy and cramped hotel rooms.

If you want your next business trip to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible, then a serviced apartment from Dream Apartments is the way to go.

A Range of Prime Locations

Dream Apartments’ Managing Director Tom Smyth first encountered serviced apartments while on a business trip to Dubai, where he “fell in love with the concept.” Noticing that there was a gap in the market back home in his native Northern Ireland, Smyth founded Dream Apartments in 2017.

Because of this background, Dream Apartments now offers serviced apartments throughout the UK and Dubai, with plans to expand throughout Europe in the future.

Serviced Apartments Are the Best of All Worlds

Some people assume that staying in a serviced apartment is just like staying in a hotel, but this misses the point entirely. When you stay in a hotel, even a luxury hotel, you never feel like you’re at home. With a serviced apartment, you are staying in an actual apartment. For a lot of business travellers, this makes it much easier to relax at the end of the day.

Not only this, but Dream Apartments’ serviced apartments offer smart TVs, fully kitted-out kitchens, Wi-Fi, and everything else that you need to, quite literally, feel right at home. You will have more space in a serviced apartment than you would if you stayed in all but the most high-end hotels, something that can make a big difference for extended stays.

Quarantine Accommodation During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everybody and created all kinds of logistical challenges. Not only are Dream Apartments stepping up to the plate to provide key workers with the accommodation that they need during these difficult times, but they are also providing quarantine accommodation to new arrivals to the UK.

To this end, Dream Apartments will be providing a clean, hygienic, and regularly disinfected environment for new arrivals to the UK. These fully furnished serviced apartments feature smart TVs, washing machines, and all the other creature comforts that quarantined individuals need to make it through the next 14 days.

Perfect for Business Travellers

There are plenty of benefits to staying in a serviced apartment, whether you are travelling for business or leisure. However, Dream Apartments cater mostly to the former. According to CEO Tom Smyth, “Our corporate to leisure ratio is 70 per cent corporate and 30 per cent leisure across all locations…” Dream Apartments has plenty of experience servicing business travellers. In fact, given the background of Tom Smyth, it is hardly surprising that Dream Apartments knows exactly what business travellers are looking for in their accommodation.

Once you have experienced a serviced apartment from Dream Apartments, you will never want to stay in another hotel again. Serviced apartments offer a much more luxurious travel experience than a hotel while still providing you with more value.

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