Tips for executing An Office Award Ceremony

How employers recognise their employees varies in many different ways.  This could include giving them financial rewards or having schemes such as “Employee of the month”.  If employers do not recognise or appreciate their employees, then they are in danger of potentially losing them to other companies as they could be demoralised.  Appreciation goes a long way.

One of the activities that have developed over the past decade is annual award ceremonies in companies. This seems to have got the approval of the employees who have an opportunity to be recognised but also socialise with the others in their team who they work with.  Setting one of these events up isn’t easy and takes a lot of planning which is why to have this professionally done, most people will employ a party planner. This will ensure a high quality event that will be a day to remember.  Below are some of the points around planning and execution of a successful office award ceremony.


There are many different ways in which you could invite people to this prestigious event which include by specific letter or email.  The letter type of invitation will be more costly but will certainly be a lot more personal and add to the prestige of the event.  In terms of who is invited to the event could be a tricky one if it is a large company.  At the end of the day, this event will be set up to recognise and award people and if there are people that feel “left” out then it could have the opposite effect intended.  Think this through properly from the offset.

Also, make sure that the invitation is very clear on things such as “dress code”. You will find that the majority of events like this normally look for formal wear. This could even be up to “penguin suits” for males or even kilts for those that are Scottish. Enough notice should therefore be given to people invited to this as they may not these type of outfits (as they are only used for special occasions) and may need to purchase or hire one.  The number of people at the event is also a matter of choice and this may be limited due to social distancing or restrictions enforced by local authorities.


In terms of who is getting what for awards is something that needs a lot of thought.  As it is known as an award ceremony, there should be recognition to people in the organisation.  This could be a team recognition, or it could be an individual.  The subject titles for these could be things such as “best performing department / employee” which is usually easy to determine as it will be based on the key performance indicators.  The recognition to these people could be some sort of trophy or it could be a gift card or voucher.

Filming / Pictures

You may want the whole event filmed or specific pictures taken of the awards.  The party planning company will usually be able to support with this and complete the whole package for you to ensure professionalism.  This will be an added cost but is good for PR and allows the photos or films to be published.  If published internally it will help with the overall morale and energy within the company and could inspire others to try and get awards the next year potentially raising the bar on performance.

Food and Drink

Usually, at award ceremonies, there is food served.  Sometimes the food is even served throughout the ceremony.  If you are planning on having food served, then it is important to know your audience. You will need to make sure you accommodate vegetarians, people that are gluten free and also people that have nut allergies.

Nowadays, this sort of accommodation is required as not only could it ruin someone’s night if you haven’t thought about their dietary needs, but it could be dangerous (if someone has a nut allergy).  A three course meal is usually the preference, but this is up to the organiser on how much they are planning to spend on this.  In terms of drink, this could be provided as part of the deal for the attendees or you could leave this off (and allow them to pay for it).  Normally at these types of events, you will find that some bottles of wine are placed on the table and are free as part of the event but if people want additional drinks then this is purchased by the individual.   One thing to watch out here is the amount of alcohol consumed.  If people drink too much alcohol this could lead to confrontations or other issues.  Clearly, you do not want to be a killjoy and limit alcohol to people as it is part of the fun, but its something to be aware of.

Virtual Awards

In the current climate, it may be difficult to complete an actual face to face award ceremony and creativity needs to come into play.  You could think about doing this virtually and have a virtual conference. This may not tick all the boxes that a face to face one would, but it is a good compromise and still keeps momentum with the team.  The party planning companies are also experts on this and are able to facilitate this on your behalf.  The good thing about doing it this way is that numbers are then not limited as they would be at an actual event.  If doing it via this method, be aware of security infringements where uninvited guests who have the link to the event could potentially join.


There are many things to be aware of when arranging this sort of event and that is why it is important to get the support and help of the professionals who do this for a job.  Making sure the overall execution of the event is done to a professional standard is important otherwise you could waste a load of cash on this.


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