The Psychology of Luck – 4 Tips to Make Your Luck

What exactly is luck? Does luck even exist? If it does, is it completely random? Can one make one’s luck as one pleases? If so, is this luck then? Is luck a prerequisite for success? If not, what is even the importance of it? Are these questions even worth asking?

Our answers to these questions may vary depending on whom exactly we ask. One thing is for sure, though, luck is something everyone wishes to have on their side, including those who do not even believe in it.

Maybe luck, in the traditional sense of an unexpected, unwarranted, and unmerited stroke of good fortune, which happens willy-nilly to whomever it pleases, in a seemingly calculated and premeditated way, does not exist. Maybe that’s all a lie we tell ourselves. Maybe.

But one thing is certain and not a lie: sometimes we can’t do it all alone and we end up needing a stroke of good fortune to fall on our side. How, then, do we ensure we get this much-needed push to our favor? That is what we explore further below.

How to Make Your Luck

  1. Let it Go

You make your luck mostly when you don’t depend on it. This is not the same as playing a quick game of chance on AnyTime Bingo. This is more like relaxing and letting the universe take care of the rest.

The best way to “let it go” is to have a relaxed approach to life. You know what you want to achieve but you don’t get too anxious about it. Instead of spending all day worrying about it, you instead spend it putting things into place and hoping for the best while being prepared for the worst.

  1. Positivity

Again, the kind of luck that we’re talking about here is not the kind of luck that one has to throw a dice. It is, instead, the kind of luck that you have by putting yourself in a place where success has a higher chance of finding you.

Saying yes to new opportunities gives you a higher chance of being successful. It is like widening your field and giving yourself a higher probability of breakthrough instead of limiting your scope and banking on pure circumstance alone.

3. A Little Belief in Luck

As said in our introduction to the topic, not many believe in luck. And for good reasons too. There seems to be no evidence that it exists. But there is no denying, also, that having a little faith in something working out against all odds, can have an overarching positive effect.

Maybe this is because people who do believe in luck tend to have more zeal and more positivity towards their projects, which in turn leads to higher efficiency.

Either way, a little belief in luck sometimes goes a long way. But only a little, as too much of it, may also cause the opposite effect through nonchalance and neglect.

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