The Northern Ireland bakery scene is set to be revamped from today as @PatisserieMimi opens

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The Northern Ireland bakery scene is set to be revamped from today as the Beannchor Group launches its newest venue, Patisserie Mimi.

Patisserie Mimi officially opened its doors to the public this morning. The high-end artisan bakery is the first of its kind in the city and is set to renew Northern Ireland’s love of the traditional bakery with a modern, continental inspired twist.

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Behind the counter is a glass panel, where you can watch bakers preparing your treats on the quarter of a million pounds worth of ovens and equipment. It’s pretty much a 24 hour operation as bakers make the delicious breads overnight and prepare the pastries during the day.

The patisserie will serve up a vast array of artisan breads from bloomers and brioche to Bavarian rye bread and soured spelt flour bread with toasted sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

To guarantee that Patisserie Mimi is the best in the business, bakers will use traditional European bread making techniques to ensure that breads stay fresh for longer. Techniques include allowing bread to be rested for over 16 hours to ensure the perfect flow of flavour, a good body with a pronounced crust and longer-lasting freshness.


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In addition to freshly baked bread, Patisserie Mimi will also serve gateaux, pastries and macarons, which come in an array of mouth-watering flavours including sea salt caramel, rhubarb and strawberry, ivory chocolate and Tonka bean, pistachio and Alpaco Grande Cru, to name but a few.

Bill Wolsey, managing director of Beannchor is confident that his latest project has the recipe for success. Commenting on the launch, he said:

“It is very exciting to be bringing the traditional bakery back into Belfast but giving it a continental twist to offer the city something new and innovative.

“Belfast is an increasingly cosmopolitan city and for this to continue, we need to keep creating venues that cater for the changing tastes of our residents and visitors to the city.

“We have spent a great deal of time and effort carefully developing and honing the baking techniques to ensure that Patisserie Mimi will offer the highest quality baked goods in Belfast and beyond.”

Patisserie Mimi can be found on High Street, between The National Grand Cafe and The Wickerman shop.


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