Home: The MAC launches life in lockdown series

One of Ireland’s leading arts venues is calling on the public to show them what the word ‘Home’ means to them.

As part of a specially commissioned series of short films, simply titled ‘Home’, the MAC is gathering images and words from across Northern Ireland to capture the experience felt by people here during life in lockdown.

The project is inspired by the words from the final text sent from Seamus Heaney to his wife, Marie. ‘Noli Timere’, translated as ‘don’t be afraid’, is as powerful and appropriate in the context of the current pandemic, when many have used imagination and creativity as a protection from fear and a way to share hope.

The films should reflect the positive, comforting elements as well as the negative and perhaps challenging aspects of what we have faced at home, and the more mundane things we associate with home life. They can encompass items, places, people, the relationships you have built and anything that represents the feelings you have towards them.

Simon Magill, Creative Director at the MAC said:

“During the crisis and without access to our theatres, galleries, music venues and concert halls, many of us have still turned to reading, listening to music and creating art to find comfort, strength and hope. We have engaged closely and intently with our friends and family – together and online – to create beautiful things in the downtime, at home.

“This new video project will produce a collective artistic response to our lives in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic and we want to include as many interpretations as possible. That’s why we’re asking the public to submit photos or words that capture their experiences of lockdown.

The MAC is asking for images that represent ‘home’, but also welcome poems, song lyrics or passages from a book or play that people associate with home or Northern Ireland. These extracts will accompany the videos and will create the soundtrack which will be performed by people from all walks of life.

Simon continued:

“We’ll be working with a team of video and photographic artists, actors and musicians to bring the series together. However, this project belongs to the public so we urge everyone who has taken comfort from the arts or from being at home to get involved.

“We want to celebrate all the moments that have given you discomfort, joy and reassurance over these past few months, fusing them together to create a unique communal perspective of our experiences.”

To submit your images or verses, send them via email to home@themaclive.com. For more information visit www.themaclive.com.

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