The Impact of Interpersonal Relationships in the Family on College Student Achievement

It is impossible to overestimate the value of interpersonal relationships for students. Studentship is often stressful and challenging, so young learners need a safe haven in which they may hide from all the problems. That’s why there appears such a strong connection between parent involvement and student success. To some extent, the impact of fathers and mothers is critical for the academic proficiency of their sons and mothers. In this article, we will discuss this question in more detail.

Write about interpersonal relationships

A great way to understand the impact of interpersonal relationships on learners is by writing an interpersonal relationships essay or any other written work. First of all, this text should focus on what does interpersonal relationship mean. Therefore, such text should be centered around interpersonal relationships definition and the main subtopics related to this notion. Each person who works on this assignment should make his or her own unique approach to the topic.

Although this example may seem to be rather primitive writing, it may also involve some solid writing. It goes about reviewing various aspects of interpersonal relationships, reflecting on one’s own story of family involvement, and using relevant literature. The list of disciplines connected to this topic includes psychology, sociology, history, biology, and many more. And, what is really important, such an essay will help you understand the main cause and effect connections in learning. 

A good interpersonal relationship is about motivation

The lack of motivation during the educational process is a common problem among students. Therefore, any sources of motivation matter when it comes to learning. And if you see that a person who really matters to you admires your essay or any other writing, this instantly encourages you. On the contrary, if you are constantly criticized by your family members, you are very likely to lose motivation and start underperforming. 

Examples of parents may encourage learners

Some students are very ambitious, especially when it comes to the question of becoming more successful than their parents. For such learners, the examples of their parents may become great sources of motivation. For example, if a father of a specific student had excellent grades, his example may motivate his son to repeat or even surpass this achievement. But this principle doesn’t apply to all college or university learners. And it wouldn’t work if specific parents were not very successful as students. 

Pressure is a bad decision

Unfortunately, there are many situations in which learners fail to deliver quality academic performance because of very strong pressure from their families. The point is that many parents have inadequate expectations of their children. They think that a diligent student has to get positive grades all along the course. And any failure of their son or daughter becomes a tragedy to such people. This may lead to serious family conflicts. 

On the one hand, this pressure makes their children do their best to receive positive grades. On the other hand, it is all about stress. And many scientific studies show how stress can be destructive to learners and their academic performance. They easily become exhausted and tend to overreact to negative grades. For sure, this is completely inappropriate in terms of learning and receiving positive grades. 

Parental involvement and academic achievement require further investigation

We can make various conclusions on the connection between parental involvement and academic achievement. Besides, there are many research studies dedicated to this topic. However, this question still requires further research. Many cases are completely individual. This applies to both parental attitudes and to learners’ understanding of family relationships. Fortunately, there are many scientists who devote their careers to the investigation of this valuable topic. 


So, as you may see, there is a strong connection between students’ academic proficiency and their relationships with parents and other family members. First of all, family members can motivate learners. They may also inspire them with their own examples. Meanwhile, fathers and mothers can harm their student children by creating too much pressure on them. In this case, only some things are certain: this topic is better explored through essay writing, and the question of family relationships and learning still requires much investigation. 

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